Monday, December 20, 2010

Life on The Edge

It has been a huge weekend at Casa de Glowless!

I've celebrated a birthday, had mastitis (TMI? Sorry), gone ten-pin bowling, almost broken a tooth on a non-pitted olive on a pizza (seriously, why put olives with pits on a pizza? That's just asking for trouble), celebrated Christmas1.0 with my family and Tricky got his first tooth!

But the most memorable, amazing and sore feet inducing part of the weekend was going to see U2 with Aunty Penny! It was so nice of them to come to town for my birthday (and super nice of Aunty Penny to buy me a ticket for said birthday).

It was unbelievable! The stage was totally awesome and looked like it was straight out of War of the Worlds. If Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning had popped up I would not have been surprised at all.
Take me to your leader
Other than "Elevation", the best bit was when Bono compared himself to David Boon and a massive "Boonie" chant echoed round the stadium. I had no idea U2 fans were such bogans - I fitted in really well.

But Aunty Penny and I were a little bit naughty... 

We bought a bottle of water - but there were big signs up saying that we couldn't keep the bottle caps. That it was a request "from the band". Hrmmm, how am I supposed to jump up and down, singing my lungs out if I'm also being careful not to spill my water? 

What if, in the hype, I flicked water on someone? Perhaps mosh-rage would ensue? There was only one solution... hide the bottle cap. I am totally hard core, sticking it to The Man.

I know, I live life on the edge. Not The Edge*, he's still in town but I'm pretty sure that'd get me arrested.
Aunty Penny and I with the contraban! We Rock.
So with a concert and a teething bubba I've had about ten hours sleep since Thursday night. My eyes are hanging out of my head. But with my new GHD from Map Guy, at least my hair looks pretty.

*For the uninitiated, 'The Edge' is the name of the guitarist from U2.


  1. I am so jealous. Sounds fantastic. I hope you and Aunt Penny did something scarily rebellious with those bottle caps. For the life of me I can't think of what exactly you could do...but I hope you found something. Sudden thought - maybe if you put the caps back on the bottles and threw the bottles when they were full they would be uber weapons. Although if you wanted to do that, would you not just pop a brick in your handbag?

    Ok will stop writing crap now.

    Take care.

  2. Bugga you are lucky i would have love to go see them:-( Glad you had an awesome time hmmm i could prob think alot of things with the little lids of water bottles (nah to rude) oops my bad lol...

  3. They made me take the bricks out of my handbag when we went through security.


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