Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Boy And His Dog

As Tricky is becoming more mobile (he's up to three crawls in a row before belly-flopping) he is getting a bit more attention of the canine variety.

Sprocket has started to think that this thing that was previously just a big lump with flailing limbs is quite possibly the Best.Toy.Ever. And as with all fantastic dog-toys it needs to be sniffed and licked (though hopefully not chewed) incessantly until it is covered with doggy drool. Lovely.

I'm stuck in between wanting Tricky germ-free and wanting him to build up a robust immune system. So my attempt at creating the best of both worlds is to have Puppy Play Time rules. Yes I know how stupid that sounds. But there's only three so gimme a break:
  • Licking of the face is a no-no,
  • Puppy Play Time is followed by Soapy Hand Washing Time, and of course,
  • It always has to be supervised (duh)
And so far so good. Sure there's been a few face licks but Tricky is learning that licking fur is yucky Sprocket is learning to resist the urge to cover Tricky in kisses. I'm so happy my boys are getting on well.
Let's hold hands
Nooooo! Mamma said no face licking!
On a side note, for those of you playing "Spot the Spring" at home, Tricky's springs are really visible in these photos. Most of the time people have no idea he is the Bionic Baby until they are holding him and his head is right at their eye level and they see the halo of the springs - then they think "Woah this kid has a really weird head!" and try to quickly cover the look of shock on their faces. It's quite amusing really.

Now where was I? Oh yes, do you have pets and kids? Do you have any rules?

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  1. Naww what a cute bubba. Muffin is scared of dogs but Monster thinks they are great!

  2. Tricky seems to like him, giggles a lot when Sprocket walks by... not sure if it will be like that when he understands just how big that bloody dog is though :P

  3. Love Sprocket! And Tricky too, of course! Yes, the Darlings have a dog, Coco. Her name is meant to conjure images of sophistication, but alas she’s just a chocolate coloured Kelpie who is meant to be a working dog. As such, we have some very strict rules due to possible sheep poo contamination should Coco happen to choose to work. 1. No face licking by dog. 2. No kissing of dog. 3. Must wash hands after use play. 4. Must not use water in dog’s bowl to play with. 5. Must not pour sand on dog. 6. Must stand back at least 2 meters when feeding Grandma’s dogs (Labradors) as they will eat small children who get in the way (rule is basically to stay away from dogs that are eating).

  4. I cringe when I see people kiss their dogs... I know the unpleasant things he's been licking and eating in the garden, some of which has come from the rear end of a cat (or sheep in Coco's case) I'm sure.
    The stay away from dogs that are eating rule is so important, Sprocket is normally fine if you take his food away, but I'm not gonna chance it - thanks for the tip!

  5. I can't see any springs :S perhaps im blind :) What a cutie you have

  6. Just looks like a bit circular dent on the top of his head, it doesn't trouble him so it doesn't trouble me :)

  7. Don't you find it hard to manage the no face licking rule? I have 2 staffies who love my six month old but it is a constant battle to tell them not to lick his face (which I don't approve of). I always supervise their interaction and it is so lovely to watch my bub giggle as they lick his feet and play together. I have become a bit more relaxed as I figure once he is up and moving and older, I won't be able to stop it 100%. Just a learning curve as to what works for you I guess....

  8. Luckily Sprocket responds really well to voice commands so when he's leaning in for a face lick and we're quick enough to tell him no, then he stops... but I think I'm gonna end up like you and relax it a little as he gets older and is exposed to all sorts of yucky things like eating fist fulls of sand and snails! So much to look forward to!

  9. They're gorgeous photos! He's so lucky to have a well behaved canine friend around. I'm sure they will be great mates, if they're not already.

  10. It's great to have a bionic baby isn't it! Most people never noticed Mr A's either unless I pointed it out to them, especially when his hair got a bit longer. Your Tricky is SO cute!
    Loving the Christmas themed banner!

  11. Tricky is super cute. I love the fact that you have tarted up the blog for Christmas. Made my day.

    Take care!

  12. Another parent I talked to (pre-surgery) spoke of always having hats on her baby to hide them, so I was expecting them to be sticking out heaps!

  13. Thought I'd try and get in the festive spirit, glad you like it AFW!

  14. I'm hoping Sprocket is patient enough to put up with inquisitive little hands grabbing at his ears and his tail :)

  15. Gorgeous pics!

    We've got 3 furbabies - a dog & 2 cats - and although there have been 'incidences' in the past - pooch getting used to not being an 'only child' and eldest child learning about what is love and what is torture - they get along great now!
    Thankfully my puppy has never been a real licker, so the face thing hasn't really been an issue - although, my daughter must smell great because he gives her a good sniff every chance he gets! She thinks it's hilarious!

  16. Haha "what is love and what is torture"

  17. cute.....

    When we had our first boy we had a cat. I remember one time shortly after his birth we had a midwife visit and she was being all firm about how we had to absolutely make sure we did not leave them alone together else all hell would break loose and our son would surely die. I sat there and absolutely promised that we never let the cat any where near our precious baby. Guaranteed it.

    When she left I went back to my seat and noticed the photo that had been on the coffee table all along of our cat curled up asleep on the blankets while our son was also tucked in asleep. She had been able to see it the whole time I'd been promising her that we kept them apart.
    ho hum

  18. Bahaha love it! Photographic evidence, I'm calling Child Services.

  19. Awww...these pics made my day!

    I use to have 2 cats and a dog before the Lil' Tiger came along but our grey passed away in July this year and my hubby was determined that my 2 cats were going to attack the lil one so we had to give them away. :*( But, he did promised that when she gets a little bit older we would get another grey! hooray. But I do miss my girls (cats).


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