Monday, March 16, 2015

Madame Secretary

I've been involved in the P&C at Tricky's school for a year now. At every meeting I would offer to help with the website, which was at first non-existent and now leaves a lot to be desired. Content, for one.

This year, with Tricky being at the school full time, I thought it was time to lift my game and push harder, so at the first meeting of the year I had my game face on. Which meant I didn't bring a bottle of wine like I did to the last meeting. What? That's totally what people do at those meetings, ya know!

I took a breath and put up my hand to be the P&C Secretary.

I was elected unanimously.

No one else actually nominated themselves, but that's just semantics, surely.

I am now Madame Secretary.

I've got hardly any experience and I really have no clue what I'm doing, but that's never stopped me before, so I sure as shit ain't gonna let it stop me now.

My first role has been to let a few people know that I'm not their secretary, I'm The Secretary, because that seemed to get a little mixed up there. But I'm not letting it phase me.

My second role, is to get the bloody school website in to a usable state. Which means at night, on top of blogging, cleaning up after dinner, putting the kids to bed, tidying the house, going for a jog, making lunches for the next day, relaxing, spending time with my husband, typing up the minutes and sending them out, I'll be teaching myself how to use Adobe Business Catalyst (why couldn't they just use Wordpress?!) and building a website. OH, and sleep. I forgot I need to do that, too.

There are not enough hours in the day.

But hey, I get to call myself Madame Secretary, and that makes the role much more desirable. I'm totes gonna get a shirt made. Or a badge. Or a business card. Whatever it is, it will be awesome and I will wear it with pride. Because I'm gonna rock this shit.

P.S. Um, help?

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