Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A boy and his LEGO {giveaway}

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It is no secret that we are huge LEGO fans in this house. It started with the Duplo but whilst Tricky still enjoys it he doesn't find it challenging any more and is definitely out growing it. Meaning the last few presents he's got have all been actual, small, step-on-in-the-middle-of-the-night-at-your-own-peril, LEGO.

The Trickster was lucky enough to receive some LEGO in the mail the other day for review purposes. When he saw the box he was, well, see for yourself:

Doesn't everyone lay on the floor and hug their LEGO?
What I hadn't actually thought about was that I would have to put those suckers together before any such child-review could take place, and do it whilst a super impatient toddler looked on wondering why they didn't come out of the box ready to play with.

Oh crap, what have I gotten myself in to?
I've never actually put a LEGO design together before. I used to play with it a heap when I was little and build all sorts of things, but it was more freestyle and I didn't have any fancy sets that actually became something specific. But it was easier than I thought and required much less swearing under my breath than anticipated while Tricky pointed and said "What's this piece? Where does that one go? Is it ready yet?" over and over and over again.

Tricky was over the moon when it was all put together and the nee-naw nee-naw of police sirens have been heard here ever since. I was kinda chuffed with my LEGO assembling abilities though I was less thrilled when MapGuy came home and pointed out I'd put the steering wheel in the wrong spot - I was following instructions! I don't care if it was left hand drive!!

Chase McCain on the job

The set was so detailed and unfortunately I think a lot of that detail will just end up being sucked up the vacuum cleaner because a walkie-talkie just looks like fluff when I'm standing up. The one thing I didn't like about the set was the spike strip - although it was hilarious in it's attention to detail, it doesn't do anything else and Tricky just pulled it apart immediately and it's already lost (I'll vacuum tomorrow and it will be gone for ever). But I can't blame that on LEGO, he is under the official age range of the product.

I'm all for free play so I think a few sets of just blocks that aren't shaped to make something specific will be on the cards next, but since Tricky is car mad he has no complaints and has the cops chasing the bank robber constantly (I'll spare you the dialogue from when he catches them and sends the robber to his room - it's a cute-to-the-mother-only kinda thing).

Handcuffed and read his rights

I've got three awesome sets of the High Speed Chase (RRP $39.99) from the LEGO City range, featuring the daring and oh-so-suave, hero cop, Chase McCain. I bet all the LEGO girls swoon over his plastic hair and drawn on chin dimple. I'm kinda taken with the bad guy's mo' to be honest.

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  1. My favourite Lego memory is Boo's first Lego. It was sponge bob's house and all he wanted for a prize for being brave after breaking his arm. Guess who had to put that completely orange sucker together? *points to self* this guy.

    And he was so damn proud of me. Huzzah!

  2. Tricky has taken apart the police car this arvo... I'm not putting it back together, it can wait til MG gets home.

  3. Favourite Lego Memory... Playing with my cousin when we were younger. She was Lego mad. The one in particular that sticks in mind is the western themed set. It had horses, jails, pieces of gold and a treasure chest. We always divided it up equally but somehow her men were better thieves than mine and always managed to steal my gold!

  4. Ah yes, we love Lego here too. But have you seen the damage it does to your fingernails taking those little itty bitty pieces apart again so small child with somewhat pudgier fingers can reassamble at will?! Surely there should be a warning about that. My fave Lego memory building space lego in the backyard -- creating a whole world out of tanbark and pavers for the brave helmeted explorers to, well, explore. The fun part was setting it up.

  5. watching my uncle make real looking castles with tile roofs ,i could watch him for hours

  6. i also remember one of my favouite christmas presents,i got a girls lego set ,i played with it for years and years and now my youngest daughter plays with it ,passed from me down to my 4 daughters and it is still goin strong ,i am sure they will pass it down to :)

  7. When my brother played with Lego they came with instructions & he was very particular about following them. I used to love to mess with him by not following them he used to get so cross

  8. I'm creating them now, with my little man officially addicted! We even had a big Lego themed birthday party....think crayon lego men, chocolate lego bricks. I step on them daily and curse, but know I'll miss them one day when he's grown up.

  9. I remember growing up with none of the flash stuff they have for lego now. I used to like the girls hair piece they used to have for lego people. My brothers wouldn't ever use them so they're all mine. Winner!! never had to share at least that piece of lego

  10. My husband unpacking his 30yr old all grey "Space" Lego - STILL assembled - handing it proudly to our 5yr old son. Little fella INSTANTLY pulls it all apart to the sound of his father crying NOOOOOOOO!

  11. LEGO....aghhhh my peeps favourite toy, as for a mummy, my worst enemy as I stand on pieces day and night and allmost end in tears .

  12. Going to visit my cousins, boy cousins, and seeing all this lego stuff. I was one of four girls.

  13. Its sad to think that I can now relive me childhood as my nephew absolutely loves lego and so do I. Another good thing about being an Aunty

  14. I had a kitchen LEGO set, complete with cupboards and oven (funnily, no sink). I invited my Barbies around for lunch.

  15. Sitting in my year 3 playgroup building castles and rockets, one girl and 6 boys to be told by one presumptious boy that girls couldn't play with lego! I challenged him to build a better rocket and after I claimed victory no more words were spoken about gender. A win for gender, lego and rockets that day!

  16. Well it wasn't the one involving a proctologist.

  17. I was a little bit naughty as a kid. My parents couldn't afford LEGO so I used to go to my cousins house, which was right nextdoor, to play with HIS lego and each time I would come home with a few pieces hidden in my pockets and I would hide them in an old sock and put it under my wardrobe. Soon I had a second sock and then a third! In the end I had most of his lego collection and spent countless hours entertaining myself in my room. Damn.... that was a LOOOOOONG time ago!

  18. I loved playing lego! Although I can't remember if I stole it or my parents actually gave me it. Either way, Lego is awesome.

    I must say, The baddie does look rather dashing. =P


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