Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A serious case of the CBFs this Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas. I’m sure you already knew that though on account of every single shopping centre swarming with people lining up. Lining up to get in, lining up to buy things, lining up to get them wrapped, lining up to get their kid to sit on a strangers’ knee. Lots and lots of lines.

I have been in Christmas mode for a month now, part of my Operation Christmas Brainwash for the Trickster, and I’m well and truly over it. I don’t want to buy any more presents, I don’t want to go to the shops, I don’t even want to hear The Boob singing Holly Jolly Christmas any more and that is really saying something.

To put it bluntly, I have a serious case of the Can’t-Be-Fuckeds.

The advent calendar I made Tricks, with a different activity every day, is being neglected now that I have the all-important child-with-strange-old-man photo sitting pride of place on my TV cabinet (what people who aren’t rich have instead of display cases and mantles).

We have baked, sung, baked again, watched Christmas cartoons, got crafy, decorated trees, baked some more, went hunting for Christmas lights, and did I mention we baked?

I’m done. I’m over it. There will be no more bloody Christmas activities that involve doing anything more than sitting on my fat arse because I just can’t be fucked. Advent boxes are going unopened and we haven’t even gotten to the gingerbread yet. There will be no more trips to the shops to get something small for so-and-so on the off chance they buy us something because I'm not prepared for another tantrum and I just can’t be fucked. There will be no last minute buying of gorgeous decorations because I just can’t be fucked… and because I have nowhere to put them come January.

I’ve reached my Christmas saturation point and I’m calling it. No more Christmas things.

That is until it’s Christmas eve and I change my mind, get out the Reindeer food and letter to Santa and make some shortbread... ahh fuck it, who am I kidding? We all know I'll do it.

Are you over Christmas already? Got a serious case of the CBFs?


  1. Total empathy.
    Christmas saturation point hit me about 17 years ago. This year, all my hard work in telling people I will not be buying presents for friends, craft groups, random strangers, that I won't travel more than 100km for any Christmas event, avoiding as many Christmas parties as possible and not writing Christmas cards for the last five years, coping with the disappointment, the expectation that "Oh, but that doesn't apply to me", the familial lectures of how I am letting everyone down (even though THEY are unwilling to travel down here more than once a decade)...
    This year, it has all been worth it. I am having a better December this year than I have had in over two decades. Which is pretty telling when you realise that my beloved cat died this December.
    May the rest of your December be enjoyed with family and relaxation.

  2. Yes it's annoying, yes we cbf, yes there's sooo much pressure to get it all done. But the looks on their little faces is worth it in the end. I do hear you. I'm close to breaking point at the thought of all the relos at my place at once.
    Love the Santa pic!

  3. I am so glad it's not just me!! Our countdown to christmas decoration is sitting at 19 days and the little felt "make a nativity scene" advent calendar only has 7 figures in the scene.

  4. I seriously know what you mean. In my endevour to not spend money I literally don't have, I'm making food hampers. I still need to make coconut ice, Christmas tree bark and Amaretti biscuits by Thursday night and I'm at the point of "Don't get me anything, I won't get you anything and it'll be great." But I know they won't do this. So here we are. About to go and make coconut ice.

  5. I am with you, red balloon vouchers for everyone!! December birthdays... they make christmas so much harder hahaha Luke's 30th was on Monday!

  6. I get the CBF's about a lot of things A. LOT. OF. THINGS! Have a fantastic Christmas (if you can be arsed) :-)


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