Friday, December 7, 2012

How to stop your kids being scared of Santa

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How to stop your kid being scared of Santa
Original pic by Brian Sawyer, title added under CC license
This time last year going to the shops was a complete fucking nightmare. The Trickster, on seeing anything at all Santa Grotto-esque (even a nativity scene!) would cry and scream then run like all buggery in the opposite direction a lot faster than I could. How do such little legs get such speed? 

This year I was determined that all Christmas related tantrums would be avoided by instigating a not-so-subtle brainwashing that Christmas is GOOD.

Here are my top tips for making your kid less scared of Santa:
  1. Set up the Christmas tree early and let them help. My inner anti-consumerist had a mild heart attack setting up the tree in November but I needed it to be done before every single shopping centre looked like Pinterest had thrown up on it. Rearrange the decorations when they’re asleep if you want, they’ll just pull it all off tomorrow again.
  2. Do Christmas craft projects. Get our your scissors, that manky glue stick from 1993, some coloured paper and go for it. Try recycling an old cardboard box and create a tree and decorations that your kid can paint. Fingers crossed letting them go for their lives redecorating that every day will stop them pulling the baubles off the real tree and hiding them in your bed.

  3. Go to Gig Fizz and view a free Santa video for your boy or girl (you can even send the video to Nan & Pop for prime pre-Christmas nawwww inudcing/wallet producing fun). A fabulous Santa straight from the Santa School in Canada (OMG THERE IS A SANTA SCHOOL!!) will speak to your kid and they’ll start to feel the magic of Christmas. If they’re still scared then you can upgrade to a personalized Santa video (or a fairy, or a Princess, or Elvis…) and Santa will say exactly what you ask him to… like “Geez, kid! Don’t be afraid of me, I bring you presents, duh!”.
  4. Now that your tot isn’t terrified, take them to as many Grottos as possible. Hang back and just let them watch the other kids to see how it’s done. Ask them if they want to go up and if they do, stay with them. If they don’t, mention that Santa normally gives out lollies try a wave and then leave. Forget about photos, this is not your goal. If you go too soon, this will happen:

    The Gig Fizz kids... hrm, I'm betting this is what started the Santa option
    (used with permission)
If all goes according to plan you'll now have a child that demands to sit on the lap of every single Santa and even random old guys with white beards and overweight people wearing red. Hrmm... maybe being scared one more year wouldn't be so bad...

Is your kid afraid of Santa?


  1. Too funny! Great post.

  2. We were in Perth for 2 days this week. We did 6 walk pasts of 4 Santas and it was the one at the little shopping cnetre without all the other stuff that the kids finally tentatively wanted to say hello. Still no photo but maybe next time :)

  3. He he, have stood in line a few times this year, but have had an attack of the 'freezes' when we get to our turn. Next year maybe :)

  4. I think the question is should you stop your kid being scared of Santa? Sitting on a creepy old man's lap... is that something you think your kids should enjoy doing? When my son was young, he was scared of Santa so Santa suggested mummy should sit on Santa's lap instead. We both ran away.

  5. I never trusted Santa. I think it was that song of his, "He sees you when you're sleeping." Ew, creeper!


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