Thursday, August 9, 2012

The gift of sleep {plus details of a $15,000 giveaway}

This post is sponsored by The Sleep Store via Shake Media
About a month ago I counted up all the women I knew that were pregnant. I counted 22. Then I thought about all my online friends that were up the duff as well and my head exploded in a dizzy haze of hormones and cluckiness.

A few of that lot have given birth by now (two in my mothers’ group) and a few more have joined the preggo ranks (another two in my mothers’ group). I’m less inclined to believe that there’s “something in the water” and instead think it’s more of a case of “something on the bedside table” *coughfiftyshadescough*.

There is one thing these women all have in common other than their ability to ovulate at approximately the same time. They will all soon know the joy of sleep deprivation.

In a perfect world, at their baby showers, I would give them all the gift of a baby who is a “good sleeper” (whatever the hell that means). However, since it is kinda hard to giftwrap a baby, what with all the wriggling, I will have to settle for giving them a gift voucher from The Sleep Store.

It’s a one stop shop for sleep deprived parents - they sell everything from pyjamas to linen, sticker charts to relaxation CDs. Everything sleep related. Plus there is a whole section dedicated to answering all your sleep questions no matter what your child’s age. The website is so easy to navigate and my parcel arrived two days after ordering. TWO DAYS! It takes longer for an envelope to get here sometimes!

After much deliberation, I decided to not go for the sleep trainer clock despite desperately wanting one (because OMG every. single. night. the child simultaneously head-butts me whilst kicking his dad), and instead opted for a super cool ultrasonic vaporizer that will hopefully help the head-butting, neck-kicking toddler breathe easier.

Ultracompact. Ultrasonic. Ultracool.
On a side note, everyone warned me about the condensation that comes with vaporizers. Not with this baby! It works on high speed vibrations to disperse water vapours in to the air instead of a heating element. It’s cool to the touch even after 8 hours use and is also an air purifier, ionizer, aroma diffuser and night light. Love it!

If you head over to The Sleep Store you can enter The Great $15,000 Giveaway. The prizes are amazing and have me wishing I was allowed to enter because I’ve totally still got my eye on that sleep clock. I’ve got to get one before I wake up with a broken nose.

Do you have strange bedfellows every night? How do you stop the head-butting and kicking?

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  1. I've never heard of this store - thanks for the heads up! Might need me one of those clocks too...


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