Monday, August 27, 2012

Philips Airfryer Review {alternatively titled Ermagherd Healthy Chips!}

Ermagherd CHIPS.

If you're not familiar with ermagherd it's the noise I make when trying to say oh my god with a mouthful of chips.

A few months ago I was sent a Philips Airfryer to review. In that time I've put that baby through it's paces. Purely for research purposes you see, it *ahem* had nothing to do with the whole I love chips thing. At all. What?! Stop looking at me like that.

I'm a chip connoisseur. A chipoisseur if you will. And I have never EVER tasted homemade chips this good. Once again, ermagherd.

I've embraced the whole cooking from scratch thing for a few years now and yes, that even includes chips. Partly because I like knowing what is in my food, partly because it's healthier and partly because, well, I just really like using those little mandolin slicy things and pretending I'm on a TV commercial. But the chips just didn't measure up to the store bought ones, no matter how much cajun seasoning I dumped on them.

But the Philips Airfryer makes them taste way better - like they've just come from a cafe. It does do more than chips (I cooked a range of homemade goodies in it including garlic bread, chicken nuggets and even beetroot chips) but it's called the chip machine in this house for good reason.

If you go a bit Cheaty McCheaterson and buy frozen chips that have been flash fried first, they taste just like you'd buy at a pub. Serve it with some dips in little bowls and a glass of wine whilst watching the footy and all of a sudden it's a Sunday Sesh. Serve them with fish and Oh. My. Cod. See what I did there? You're welcome.

But having said that, there were definitely a few down sides.

Firstly, every time I used it, without fail, it would set off my smoke detector before I'd put any food in it. The only way to combat this was to sit it directly underneath the rangehood - anywhere else and the smoke detector would start screaming after a minute or two of preheating. That was so insanely annoying because it meant we could only use the Airfryer when we weren't using the stove top. So if we wanted anything else with our chips, well tough.

Also, the bottom section really needs it's own handle. When you release the basket from the bottom there is no way to pick it up other than using just your fingertips - if I've got a chip basket in my hands that is 200C I can't exactly put it down easily to pick up the other part (which is also 200C) with two hands.

We've used this quite a bit in the last few months for different foods but even after all the drooling over how good the chips and the crumbed yummies are, and even loving the retractable power cord, I don't think I'd spend $330 on it when my oven can do a pretty good job at it. Will I sell this and go back to the oven though? No. Because ERMAGHERD CHIPS!

Are you a chipoisseur? Do you have cupboard space for a teeny oven?

This is not a sponsored post however I did receive a complimentary Airfryer. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Yvette @ DTlilsquirtsAugust 27, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    I think setting off the smoke alarm everytime I used it would piss my husband off and he'd sell it.

  2. Don't tell my husband how great it is - he's been wanting to get one for ages and I keep saying it's too expensive. Then again, I did get a mixmaster for Mother's Day, so maybe he should get a kitchen appliance too for Father's Day...

  3. My husband assumed I was just burning stuff (as usual) until I told him the machine was still empty :P

  4. Good point. You mix the cake batter, he can cook the chips. Dinner and dessert sorted.

  5. Chips are one of my favourite foods.

  6. It wouldn't fit in my kitchen. Cupboards galore, but also, electric appliances galore. Perhaps I could trade my slushie maker and ice cream maker in for an air fryer so I too can have ermagherd chips? Scratch that, keeping the ice cream maker. How about I trade the slushie maker and the blender? Because in addition to the blender, I have a rocket blender, and a food processor with blender attachment, and frankly, no one needs that many blenders.

  7. I saw these in a shop and thought - how does that work???? Glad to hear it works well. My kids SO prefer frozen chips to any roasted potato wedges or chips that I do. It's sad. But do I have the space?? I do have an outdoors plug!!

  8. Call it an alfresco plug and go for it!


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