Friday, January 27, 2012

FlogYoBlog Friday: The Not A Public Holiday Edition

I love an over cooked snagger,
A cold beer in my belly,
A day off work to enjoy it all,
And cricket on the tele.
But back to work the next day,
It just seems so bloody alien,
Where's my day off to recover?
Fuck this! It's un-Australian!

I know, I know, most of you linking up are mums who work 24/7... but shoddy poetry has it's limits!

Also, massive apologies to Dorothea MacKellar for bastardizing your poem. But *ahem* let's just Flog, OK?


  1. PMSL!! I was told yesterday that even mums need a day off. By a husband who has now gone away for a boys buck show weekend!
    Double standards much?

    Thanks Glow

  2. This totally should have been a four day weekend. Just because.

  3. We had a 4 day weekend for CNY celebrations over here last week.
    And a lot of people extended the Hols to this weekend by taking 3 more days off work this week haha.

    At least it's work on a Friday! It will end earlier in any case :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Yeah, mums don't get recovery days.  Suuuuuuucks!

  5. I managed an extra long weekend and don't go back to work until Tuesday, but you're right I'll still be mothering 24/7 during that time :(

  6. I fucking LOVE this.
    Mr Blacks boss gave them today off too. He said "I'm not paying you lot for a public holiday and we don't even get a long weekend" I think I want to kiss his boss. I like his style. Shame it's such shithouse weather!

  7. An extra day off would have been incredibly useful - yesterday my baby turned 10, and I am emotionally exhausted! I like the way your mind thinks :)

  8. My poor hubby had to drag his butt back to work today - on his BIRTHDAY! If there was ever an excuse for a long weekend this should have been it!

  9. What is it with all these bucks parties lasting for entire weekends? What happened to one night???

  10. Map Guy used 2 flexi days to take a 5 day weekend so we could go down south and visit all the family :)

  11. Taking care of kids while you have a hang over is haaard!

  12. birthday parties are always emotionally, physically and financially exhausting!

  13. hope you enjoy the time off !! jealous of you roasting in the sun while I whine with a glass of wine in the snow xx


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