Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A slab, some bricks and a shit load of sand

Remind me again why I thought extending and renovating with a newborn would be a good idea? Oh that's right, so she actually had somewhere to sleep!

Our house is small, measuring in at just under 100m2. In that space we have three bedrooms, one bathroom, a laundry, a kitchen and a combined lounge/dining. There isn't space to swing a cat, which is disappointing as swinging cats is one of my favourite pastimes. So we're adding adequate cat swinging space right now.

Over the past few weeks there have been a stack of blokes rocking up at 7:00am on the dot to start banging around ripping down walls and building new ones. There has been so much sledge hammering that I really expected Miley Cyrus to walk up and start licking everything.

Right now the front yard is covered in equipment and an oh-so-glam porta loo, and the back yard is unrecognizable. There is sand, bricks, sand, temporary walls, sand, support beams, sand, insulation, sand, window frames and MORE FUCKING SAND. And every day, despite keeping everything as closed up as possible, more sand gets in the house. Our builders*, Perth renovation specialists Exactus, are great and doing everything they can to keep it at a minimum, even sweeping up our back step every day before they knock off, but their skills are no match for the sand-tracking power of Tricky.

I'm still feeling positive. Some days it is positively insane, but hey, it is still positive, right? All the furniture from the kids bedrooms is in the lounge and whilst Tricky thinks "camping" out there is awesome, we are living on top of each other. If I want to chill out with some TV after 7:00pm it just isn't possible without waking the boy. First world problem, having to lay down in bed with a book or the iPad.

On top of this the dog had an operation to repair a snapped anterior cruciet ligament and has to stay inside with the cone of shame on his head, scraping our legs and banging on to every bloody piece of jammed in furniture as he hops along.

Oh who am I kidding? I'm going nucking futs! We're in each others pockets, covered in sand and dog hair with scrapes on our shins! But it is so exciting to see it all coming together so quickly. Now, if only Kevin would visit...

* That's not a paid link - but I am doing some paid work for them, blogging over at the Exactus website through the renos- unedited! That's how confident they are that we'll love them. You can find the first post here.

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