Thursday, September 26, 2013

Letter to Bobbin - one month old

 Dear Bobbin,

One month already. I can’t believe it.

I also can’t believe just how long I can stare at you for. The books are quick to tell you about all the things mums experience with a newborn but they don’t tell you about the “new mama crick neck” you get from gazing down at the beautiful babe in your arms.

You are the most alert baby I have ever seen. I’ve not been around too many babies, so I don’t know if that counts for much, but other people think you are very alert too. In the hours after your amazing waterbirth you were bright eyed and looking around. At what exactly I don’t know because I’m pretty sure you couldn’t see more than a few centimetres! You seem to be surveying the place like you’ve been here before. I wonder if you have?

Alert also translates to "awake a lot" though thankfully this is during the day and not all night long. As a result the gorgeous sleepy baby photos we tried to get turned out as gorgeous wide awake baby photos despite hours of patting and trying to settle you. Oh well, I still like them - I even like the one where you went a bit cross eyed.

You look SO much like your brother. Your hair is a little darker than his was, but starting to lighten and even look a little gingery, and your eyes are darker blue-grey compared to your brother’s bright blue (I wonder if they’ll change to hazel like mine?). But other than that, everyone looks at you and says “WOW. She looks so much like Tricky!”.

You are not a fan of tummy time on the floor, but you love it if you are on my chest. And you love nothing more than being snuggled up tight to me in the Hugabub. I enjoy having you in it, too, because it means I can get a few things done. The occasional spew down my cleavage, however, is not appreciated.

Your extended family are completely besotted. Your Albany Nanna and Pop have come up to visit you a few times now, showering you in presents from the rellies down there and soaking up every minute with you. Your Perth Nanna and Pop have been cuddling you as often as they can and helping out by having us over for dinner and taking Tricky out for a few hours so he can feel special. Your aunties and your uncle all think you’re pretty special and have oohed and aahed all over you from near and far.

You are trying really hard to smile all the time. When we tickle your lips you form a little smile that reaches your eyes. We caught it on camera and sent it to the rellies and they all think you're super talented! Mind you, they think you're super talented when you fart, so I'm going to hold off on calling MENSA.

Now, about your Dad. He’s amazing. He is on long service leave and is the best Dad a kid could ask for. He is spending a lot of time with your brother and doing about 90% of the cooking and cleaning so that you and I can chill out and focus on breastfeeding. He goes back to work in two weeks and I’ll officially be in charge of two kids by myself – it is a little daunting but you and Tricky are so laid back that I think I’ll manage OK.

Tricky really loves you. He likes to tickle you and wants to show you all his toys despite asking for a new lid for his LEGO in the lead up to your birth so that you couldn’t get in to it. I’m taking that as a really good sign. He lets me know whenever you cry and then tries to soothe you by jiggling your rocker or patting your head – don’t worry, he is being gentle, I promise. One of my favourite things is that he still calls you the name he christened you when I was about four months pregnant - Henry. It sure does confuse a lot of people to hear him call a sweet little girl Henry, but I think it is lovely. So you might be called that for a while.

You’re a bit of a champion feeder and are starting to sleep longer at night. If you could give a few tips to your brother, that would be ace. I have a feeling you might sleep through the night before he does!

I’m really looking forward to watching you grow, seeing your personality develop and I'm most excited to see your relationship with Tricky blossom – I just know you’ll be following him around and wanting to do what he’s doing really soon.

Keep growing, my girl.

Love Mama xxx

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