Saturday, October 26, 2013

Letter to Bobbin - two months old

Dear Bobbin,

Zooooooooooooooooooooom. That is the sound of time passing us by. But I bet you're getting sick of
me saying that already.

You are changing so much every day. To most people you look like a Tricky clone, but I can see bits of other people in you a lot more now. Every now and then when your brother was a baby I'd see flashes of my sister Jo-Anne in him but didn't tell anyone but your Dad. With you? Well I see it a lot every day and so do your grandparents. It is quite fitting as your middle name honours her. But I also see bit of your Aunty Penny in a quick flash when you scrunch up your face right before you cry.

You've been out and about so much this month including your first trip to the zoo. You slept almost the entire time which was fabulous because it meant I could wrangle your brother. You were also the youngest (that we could tell) participant in the Rotary Ramble the other week - you, Tricky, your Dad, me, Aunty Penny and your Perth Nanna and Pop all running around the city answering questions. And very importantly, you've been to your first costume party! Mama dressed you up in a Wonder Woman onesie and you looked gorgeous. It is highly likely you'll wear that every day until you grow out of it.

You had a bad reaction to some big brand baby wash product recently. Your scalp, ears, neck, part of your face and your shoulders were covered in eczema. You went to bed last Friday night and didn't sleep well. On Saturday when we woke up it was obvious that some sort of infection had taken hold. Your skin was red raw, weeping, crusty and smelly. You were OK if we left you alone, but just screamed and screamed whenever we touched you and you wouldn't feed. At one point, you were trying to feed and just seemed to give up and go to sleep. I went to put you to bed but your ear had weeped and dried to my shirt, ripping your skin off as I moved you. It was horrid. A perfect little ear of skin stuck to my sleeve.

So we took you to the hospital. They gave you antibiotics (which Mama only figured out how to give you without you spitting it back up on the last day of the course) and told us to come back if you hadn't started feeding again in twelve hours. The past week has been oil baths and moisturiser overload and now instead of looking like you are burnt, it just looks like you have cradle cap on your scalp, eyebrows, ears and shoulders. But you aren't in pain any more, the soul crushing screaming has stopped and you're back to feeding like a champ! Go you!

You still have a super wobbly head, probably because you don't get put down very much. You're constantly in the hugabub because it isn't really good for you on the floor right now.. But your legs? Geez girl, you can move yourself along when you're on your front - you nearly launched yourself off the scales when you were weighed a few days old and they've just gotten stronger and stronger. Which is great for your little clicky hips apparently!

My favourite part of the day with you is the evening after your brother has gone to bed and you lay there kicking your legs and 'talking' to us for about an hour and a half straight. We have the best conversations - you're quite repetitive, but I'm positive you're trying to tell me something. So animated! You talk so much and it is the most beautiful, happy sound. I just love it.

You are sunshine. A pure joy to be around.

Love Mama xxx

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