Thursday, August 1, 2013

Because that's a clever thing to do with a newborn in the house!

From what I learned the last time around and from what the powers that be say, when you have a newborn there are certain things you should probably avoid. Dangerous things like rabid animals, hard drugs, death metal concerts, and being around certain relatives.

Then there are the less dangerous but really annoying things you should avoid doing with a newborn. Like moving house, organizing a wedding, and being around certain relatives.

I'd like to add to that list. Renovate and/or extend your house.

So, hey, guess what we're doing?

Yeah. We're renovating and extending the house! Because that is SO clever. And I'm not stressed AT ALL. Unless of course almost bursting in to tears every time you look at the plans is a sign of stress?

This has been on the cards for a long time. The plans were drawn up months ago, the quotes submitted and the builder chosen. We signed on the dotted line (three hundred times, getting writers cramp) and it is now official.

I'm having trouble picturing the finished product in all it's glory. Instead I can hear jackhammers on the other side of the wall just after getting Bobbin to sleep, see myself cleaning up dust only to turn around and find a fresh new layer and envisioning sand being traipsed around from asshole to breakfast every day of the build.

If Kevin McCloud isn't going to drop around and ask about our budget and council approval timeline then I just don't know if I can do it without a few minor breakdowns and really whiney blog posts.

But then I think of the awesome things and all of a sudden there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Things like decorating Tricky and Bobbin's new bedrooms. Choosing a lounge suite to replace to the two broken ones we are currently using. Finding the perfect dining table that doesn't have wonky legs. Having a house bigger than a shoebox where we don't trip over each other. Planting a kitchen garden to replace the weeds of doom, and even getting chooks. I just have to remember to focus on that... and the outside chance of a visit from Kevin, and I'll get through it.

Failing that I'm packing a bag and moving in with my parents for a while.

Have you renovated? With little kids? Gimme ALL TEH ADVICE!

P.S. Kevin if you're reading this, let's talk.

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