Monday, April 8, 2013

The 2013 Glowgie Awards - nominees

You lot are amazing! The time I've spent huddled over a spreadsheet and hunting around the interwebs for URLs has been completely worth it because the feelgood feedback on Twitter when people were getting involved was exactly what I was hoping would happen. All around Australia I could hear people saying "You love me! You really love me!".

I was calling The Glowgies a love in. Some called it a circle jerk. Either way, I'm cool with it. People felt happy to nominate and be nominated and if being nice is considered a wank fest these days, well then, call me a wanker. In fact, the Wanker Glowgie goes to me.

I've been nominated for a few competitions and though it feels really cool to win them (well "it" actually, saying "them" implies there was more than one), the fact that someone nominated you in the first place is always such a thrill. And I absolutely loved that people nominated themselves for Glowgies too, because hell, if you can't blow your own trumpet in the blogging world, then what are you doing here?

I sadly had to skip my own red carpet ceremony for the Glowgies and instead spent the time laying in bed in a B&B over 100km from home with my foot up after being stung by a bee. But it's OK, I still wore my pre-prepared outfit of flanno jarmies with bunnies on them.

But without further ado, let's get to the good stuff. Here are the nominees... because there are no winners except for me and my Wanker Glowgie, obviously.

The Noni Hazelhurst Glowgie - for the blog/blogger that makes gardening and crafty stuff look easy and fun, who never ever kills their plants off or burns their fingerprints off 

The Martha Stewart Glowgie - for the blog/blogger who rocks housekeeping/organization or home cooking (thus making us mere mortals realize how far we have to go)

The Brangelina Glowgie - for the blog/blogger who makes having multiples/lots of children look dead easy and makes you think about maybe having more kids

The Bono Glowgie - for the blog/blogger who is making a difference in the world (thus making me look like a black hearted mercenary) 

The Dawn French Glowgie - for the blog/blogger who is keeping Tena Lady in business because they make all their readers piss themselves laughing 

The Michelle Bridges Glowgie - for the blog/blogger that inspires you to get up off your arse and exercise/cook healthy food 

The Collette Dinnigan Glowgie - for the blog/blogger with so much style that it oozes out their pores (and can make even tracky dacks look alluring) 

There you are! Fingers crossed I got everyone - if by chance you were nominated and don't see yourself on the list because it was just me trawling back through twitter and I missed it, please firstly forgive me and then secondly let me know so I can pop you on.

And there was actually one winner! The winner of the $50 giftcard just for voting was Alison Dennehy from Oculus Mundi.

Hopefully it has introduced you to some new, obviously highly recommend, Glowgie nominated blogs that you can now become addicted to. Happy reading!

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