Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Could you dig the Ultimate Date Night in Berlei Dig-Free hosiery?

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So here’s the cold, hard truth. I haven’t spent too much quality time with Map Guy lately. Between tag-team conferences on the other side of the country, our work commitments, a house that stubbornly refuses to clean itself and the general upheaval of life with an adventurous toddler, we’ve both been busier than usual. Oh and let’s not forget those 14 weeks of insane morning sickness, exhaustion and Hulk RAGE where, for his own safety, Map Guy soothingly stroked my hair and then kept a wide berth at all other times.

When I was given the opportunity to put all of that behind us; put us back at the top of our own priority lists and just spend uninterrupted quality time together, well I just couldn’t say no.

Berlei offered to shout us a date night. I can’t tell you how long it has been since we’ve been on a date. Sure we’ve been to weddings and parties without Tricky for a few hours, but we’ve not really been alone. Unless you count the drive home from all those weddings when the tipsy one is half falling asleep in the passenger seat and the sober driver is flicking radio stations trying to find something that isn’t either lift music or death metal – totally romantic.

I was sent some Berlei Dig-Free hosiery to wear on our night out, to see what I thought of them. They have no front seam and have a wide, smoothing band around the tummy designed to make you look and feel fabulous. Not as hard core as Spanx, but definitely of the hold-you-in variety.

So Dig-Free but smoothing, huh? I’ll be the judge of that. And because I *ahem* take my reviewing very seriously, I felt the Gluttony Seven Deadly Sins Package at the Vines Resort which includes a four course dinner would do the trick. See that? Dedication. You’re welcome.

Map Guy and I handballed Tricky to his Perth grandparents and headed out to wine country (yes, the irony is not lost on me) and after the mandatory jumping on the hotel bed and checking out of the bathroom with massive spa, got ourselves dolled up for dinner!

Lemme tell you, nothing puts sucky-inny tights to the test like stuffing your face with four courses. Particularly when preggers.

We feasted on a fresh bread course, entrĂ©es of Korean style chili and sesame prawns and stuffed baby squid, mains of fillet steak and pork belly, and desserts of chocolate tart and trifle. I could only manage two bites of my dessert because I was ready to burst (but just had to try it!) and was surprised to find that the Dig-Free was indeed Dig-Free. Yep, I was a sceptic. There, I’ve said it. Even with my baby belly pushing out under that waistband I felt comfy.

I honestly felt like they were Berlei there. OK, yeah, that went too far. I apologise, not funny at all. But I didn’t have the giant red lines I normally get from hosiery and didn’t have the whole “get-these-tights-off-me-as-soon-as-we-get-to-the-room” feeling. Well, I did, but *ahem* not for that reason…

What?! We’d been almost 4000km apart for a week!

We ended our getaway how all good resort visits should finish: in the spa with body wash poured in to see just how high the bubbles would get! FYI, pretty bloody towering!

It was such a lovely experience and I’m really grateful we got the opportunity to reconnect. With Bobbin on the way, who knows when the next we’ll get the chance to sneak away for a night off will be?

For your chance to win the Ultimate Date Night to reconnect with your partner (or bestie!) – dinner for two, a one night’s stay in a hotel & limo transfers with some sexy Berlei Dig-Free products - tell me in a comment below (or here through Facebook if you're anti-Disqus) how you make yourself feel desirable and not (just) a mum/office worker/lawyer/sales assistant/insert other here?

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