Sunday, July 29, 2012

I came, I saw, I got a swag box

Oh look another Blog event that I got drunk at! Well knock me down with a feather!

Apparently, I'm a small brown marsupial. Not following? Well, it's WOMBAT. Some people will have you believe it stands for Website and Online Media, Bloggers And Tweeps, but after meeting up I'm of the firm belief it actually stands for We Only Meet when Booze is On Tab. Because, well, it's true.

LOVED meeting Yvette and Karen
The Jive and I don't pass up an opportunity to go out, particularly when someone else is paying. For him it's  because he's a poor student and a night of not eating two minute noodles is quite glamourous. For me, it's because I'm a poor excuse for a once-was-party-er and a night of not changing nappies is as good as it gets these days.

Fabulous ladies: Georgia, Lani, Sarah, Catherine and Taryn

He headed to mine for the time honoured tradition of "getting ready together" which is really code for "I don't want to show up alone for fear of looking like a loser". It consisted of him standing in my bathroom drinking shoddy wine whilst watching me dry my hair and put on makeup.

Swag bags are sooo 2011, swag boxes are the next big thing
I applied a little extra oomph to the ensemble with false eyelashes in the hope that having sparkles around my eyes would leave people so entranced that they wouldn't notice my drunken shenanigans. Though as I've found out many a time, no matter how much effort you put in, after six glasses of champagne it's highly likely you'll turn in to a pumpkin with smudged makeup by midnight at a bar in Leederville trying really hard to figure out what the guy with the incredibly thick Irish accent is actually trying to say. Or *ahem* so I've heard.

It was awesome to catch up with old mates and I loved meeting the people I've been cyber-stalking following, and putting faces to names and Twitter handles. We ate, drank, got some freebies, met an incredibly drunk Ricky Gervais wannabe with an intense stare, drank a bit more, posed for shocking photos and left after being asked to go to Leederville with some lovely, random people that had become entranced by our swag boxes.

Artichoke love

I have two new Bloggy crushes in the form of Chantel from Bossy Mummy and Cie from Pathetic to Pin up (who rocks a cowgirl hat like nobody's business, let me tell you). I had fabulous conversations with them both, though they may think differently since they were of the cringe-worthy drunken confessional variety.

1. Screaming in Georgia's ear  2. Intense "Ricky" before he tried to steal a swag box
3. Gorgeous Cie  4. RJT, Chantel and I laughing it up
It was a fabulous night thanks to some fab organizing peeps and awesome sponsors Bubbler, DP and Nuffnang.

What did you get up to? Photos or it didn't happen.


  1. I saw the tweets on Friday - sounded like a great night!

  2. You are pure awesomeness and make these events so much fun x

  3. It was awesome, and your bedazzled lashes almost out-shone the awesomeness that is your hair and eyebrows. I am an expert on your hair, so I should know (not remotely stalkerish...ahem).

  4. You me and GHDs, baby. I'll show you the way now that you own a pair!

  5. And by fun you mean embarrassing, right? :P xxx

  6. Was fabulous, Becky! Only a few hours but I jammed as much in as I could.

  7. I will see you at the next one! Hope you got your swag x

  8. As always it was really awesome meeting you and sharing some laughters. Heheheh you and the Jive were so funny

  9. Was bloody wonderful to meet you :) I had a blast xx

  10. Can't wait to hear about your pamper session, Feli! I'm so jealous of your win x

  11. I'm really hoping you don't remember the conversation we had or I may have to kill you...

  12. Fortunately for you, one glass of wine = memory loss - or does it????????? Don't stress, I'm a health professional, I think I swore a confidentiality oath or something ;)

  13. Nice picture at the top!! Lovely to meet you Glow, maybe next time i won't be driving and I can party a bit harder with you!

  14. Awww great post. Was great to see you as always hon. Nice to see some new faces in the mix. oxoxo


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