Thursday, July 26, 2012

I went walking, what did I see?

I live in a bit of a dodgy suburb. It ranks pretty high up there with the top areas for welfare benefits and crime.

With that in mind though, I've never been scared around here in general. Oh sure there was that time Map Guy came face to face with a would-be burglar through the glass door and the time the dog chased an intruder down the side of the house. Both of those times I shat myself, but other than that, I'm not one to just be afraid.

I feel safe walking the streets around here because I know a few of my neighbours and because I know the liklihood of being attacked by a stranger is minimal. Plus I normally have a big fuck-off dog with me.

It's a good thing, because when I do go walking, well, I find some pretty interesting things...

A spelling mistake that has been in the window for over 12 months.
Maybe they are sorry their accessories are shit?

An awesome ride on digger... out for bulk rubbish collection
(yes I checked before taking it)

An organ, dumped in the middle of the Open Space
perfect for impromptu dog recitals

The word "Tricky" drawn in to fresh cement...
What? I totally found it like that! *shifty eyes*

A burnt out car at the bottom of our street
There's been three in that exact spot

An unusual inscription on a painting
in a local office

I will spare you the used condom photo.

What weird stuff do you see in your neighbourhood?


  1. i'm rather tickled with how neatly parked that burnt out car is … we had one like that at our cricket ground for weeks. nothing like the attraction of a burnt wreck to cricket white-wearing 12yo boys! xt

  2. Kelley @ magnetoboldtooJuly 26, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    The people that live at the end of our court like to congregate in their driveway. They have dinner there, brush their teeth there, WATCH TELEVISION THERE... I am thinking they are probably hoarders and actually can't get into the house.

  3. I'd tell you about all the strange stuff I find in my neighbourhood, but I'm now distracted by this playschool song that you've planted in my head thanks to the title
    "Walking in the Jungle, what do I seeeeee?.... A great big elephant smiling at meeee"
    Yes... thanks for that! :P

  4. Hahaha, that song and the title are a take on the Sue Williams book "I went walking" that we read at least 17,000 times a day here.

  5. Oh really?! If there are any strange smells... call the police.

  6. They did a really good job! They always seem to be there for weeks and the shattered glass for months.

  7. We have 2 motor lodges at the end of our street. One is where they found a body in a car - twice - and the other is presumed an illegal brothel run by the Triads...
    We think the house across the road from us is also a brothel, there is one chick there and she has guys turning up at all times through the day and night, on the hour and they stay for half an hour. She must be pretty good as she seems very busy. Our dog helpfully announces their arrival and departure :o)
    We live in an awesome suburb :o) - but hey, a brothel isnt a meth lab!

  8. In my neighbourhood I saw an Indian Santa Claus, true story! He had the beard, long white hair, pot belly, rosy cheeks, he even said ho ho ho (slightly accented of course). How lovely & multicultural :-)

  9. Oh WOW! You could make a fortune with bootleg Viagra...

  10. I live in a suburb that has greatly appreciated of late. Strange things include: a house covered in cartoon character cut outs, a miscast tattoo parlour that closed down, an Indian/Pizza (?) takeaway and numerous hastily built little cardboard box homes, popping up like mushrooms 3 to a corner, that strange people can't wait to pay $750K+ for.

  11. Mel B (Honey You Baked)July 27, 2012 at 12:49 AM

    We are semi-rural, but are right near two dodgy suburbs. So aside from an inordinate amount of road kill, there is the lonely piggy in a massive paddock of crops who seems to escape his pen occasionally to go for wanders around the property - oinking his head off! There is the teenager who is on a health kick who walks up and down our street twice a day with his ever-faithful dog and wears oversized headphones playing the air drums as he power walks along. We also have the requisite dodgy-suburb burnt out car spot - although it always seems to be a burnt out van - all the more room for stolen goods?

  12. I need to see this house covered in cartoon characters!!!

  13. OMG I wish I had a air-drumming teenager in my suburb! You've hit the jackpot there :)

  14. It's a very creative urban way to smell the roses. I live beachside. I'm often too busy running to work after dropping the little one to school but I did see a guinea pig hiding in the bushes and a lorikeet poke its little head out of a hole in a tree. This reminds me that I'll have to do it more often. There are always diamonds in our backyard.

  15. I have seen, amongst others, a random rusted trolley, some er, "used utensils", a picture made out of broken glass, (of all the times to be without a camera!), a gnome which seemed to move along the street and of course, giant chalk pictures on the road.

  16. There is so much around if you look! These are just the weird things, but there are some lovely things around here too - we often see a bunny in the front yard of a house up the street.


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