Monday, July 2, 2012

Tinybeans Baby Journal Review and $100 Giftcard Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Tinybeans
I am obsessed with taking photos. It comes with the Bloggy territory that you document everything that inspires you to write. Even more so though, I’m obsessed with taking photos of Tricky. He’s my first born and it’s a rite of passage for him that in this digital age there will be thousands upon thousands of photos of him, ready and waiting to be collaged embarrassingly for his major milestone birthdays.

For the last month I’ve been using the free Tinybeans app to create a baby journal of sorts for Tricks. Well, a toddler journal, really. And I’m loving it. So when I was asked to write about it last week, I was all “I already know all about it! For sure!”

The app lets you keep a day by day photographic record of your kids so you can really see them growing, track their milestones and notice all the tiny changes you might not pick up on day to day. You can have a separate profile for each kid so even neglected third borns like me can get in on some of the photo lovin’. If it just did that, it would be pretty cool, but it does a lot more.
Easy to add new profiles and see all your photos for the month

There are in-app filters to turn your ordinary photos in to fancy pants ones and a notification centre to remind you to take a pic every day so that your baby journal doesn’t become something you use half a dozen times then forget about… like your gym membership. But you don’t even have to have an iPhone to play along, because you can control it all from the website too – so all the Android peeps and those poor, unfortunate souls who don’t have a smartphone can have a slice of the action, too!

Filters make everyone look better
I’ve been tweeting out some of my photos using the #tinybeanskids hashtag as part of the launch challenge because I’m a social media whore, but I know putting your kids online isn’t for everyone. So my favourite part of the whole app is that it is completely private and only shares your photos with who you choose. Which is great for all the photos you want captured and shared with family but not publicly – you know the ones I’m talking about… nudie runs!
Tinybeans in App and Website form

I have it set up to automatically email Map Guy to give him a little mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and Tricky’s paternal grandparents who live five hours drive away and don’t get to see him as often as they’d like. Plus if I send them pictures they’re less likely to go hunting on the blog for them and find out I’ve been off gallivanting in Sydney with a man who isn’t their son!
Easy to navigate, set reminders and share photos with family

To help celebrate the successful launch of Tinybeans, I have a $100 Westfield voucher up for grabs! To enter, click here - it will redirect you to the Facebook entry form.

To create your own baby record download the free Tinybeans app from the App Store or head to

Did you keep a baby journal?

Full terms and conditions can be found here


  1. We kept one for the first year of MissC.. but MasterS has been lacking in his updates... Must get on and get it finished!! Great app!!!


  2. Kelley @ magnetoboldtooJuly 2, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    Sort of. A box of unprocessed film counts right?

  3. Totally counts. You should scrapbook the film canisters.

  4. Yep nothing quite like the first born's stash of pix!

  5. Oooh I love this! My iPhone is chockers with pics of the kids but I don't get around to doing anything with them (I'm guessing Instagraming doesn't count as baby journalling?). What a great app.

  6. I am LOVING this app. As someone who doesn't share pictures of their kids online, I love that I now can. Yep even with my online friends.
    You know the story of my anonymity, and I am sure you get it, but now I can share with those who I call my friends and don't mind being spammed with those kids of mine that don't really exist.

  7. BTW I actually do scrapbook...well I make the ablums. I'm a bit slack on getting photo's printed.


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