Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Map Guy

I decided that I need to re-name Hubby in-blog because Hubby really isn't descriptive enough. It doesn't say anything about him or give you any clues as to what he is like. I asked him if he had any preferences for his re-naming and the conversation went a little bit like this:

Glowless: I wanna rename you.
Hubby: You what?
Glowless: I wanna rename you.
Hubby: What's wrong with my name?
Glowless: Not your real name, your blog name.
Hubby: I have a blog name? (He obviously isn't a loyal follower... maybe I could start whinging about him on here? He'd never know!)
Glowless: I call you 'Hubby' online. It's not very descriptive.
Hubby: Well I am your hubby so it does describe me a bit.
Glowless: Yes but not enough. It's too boring. I wanna give you a new name. Whaddya reckon?
Hubby: *Puffing out his chest* How about Super Dad?
Glowless: You can't call yourself Super Dad.
Hubby: You're right, I don't have a cape.
Glowless: You'd have to start wearing your undies on the outside, too.
Hubby: That could be arranged.
Glowless: No it has to be you. I know, I'll call you Map Guy (because he's a cartographer)
Map Guy: *Grinning* OK!

So it was decreed that Hubby would for ever after be known as Map Guy on Where's My Glow? Word was sent to the villages near by and the townspeople rejoiced. Or something like that.

Anyway, on Friday I was meeting up with part of the Perth division of Aussie Mummy Bloggers, namely the divine Sparkly Tiara who reminds us that it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho, and the self described token stay-at-home-dad and original Super Dad (I can confirm that he does wear his undies on the outside), Colin, creator of SuperParents. On the way to Colin's I couldn't get a strong enough signal on my phone's GPS for some reason so I asked Map Guy to send me the directions. I got a text a few minutes later and all was good... or so I thought. Apparently, Map Guy, he who creates maps, studies maps and would possibly have an torrid love affair with a map if the opportunity presented itself and the logistics weren't so mind boggling, got it wrong! He gave me the wrong directions by missing out not one, but TWO ENTIRE STREETS! Now this may not seem like such a big deal, but as much as it pains me to admit, the man is almost never wrong - he has a photographic memory - so this one flaw, this one chink in the armour that proves he is human after all means he has opened the door to be mercilessly teased! Oh the power, THE POWER!


  1. ROFL

    Ahhh poor MapGuy, he has proved himself human after all and thus unable to wear the underpants on the outside and cape of a superhero.

  2. Oh This is sooo funny!! Love it! (ps your the 4th Perthite I've come across tonight!! How funny too!)

  3. It's a small place, we probably have mutual friends, too!

  4. te he! I was inconveniently giving birth to a child at this meeting you speak of! Look forward to perhaps catching up at the next one. So great to see excellent Perth bloggers! xxx

  5. This is no excuse, Taryn. We would have welcomed you, placenta and all!


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