Friday, October 22, 2010

Jump for Joy

I put Tricky in his Jolly Jumper a few weeks ago. I was all excited that my little boy would jump up and down looking adorable but it didn't happen... he just hung there in it like a swing. He refused to put his feet on the ground no matter how much I encouraged him (even me jumping in front of him didn't work, although I'm sure I looked great doing it).

Apparently Tricky wasn't aware that it's not a Jolly Stand-There-And-Drool, it's a Jolly JUMPER and thus JUMPING is required. He did seem to like it though - and by that I mean he didn't cry.

This week I decided to try again. Something in his head just clicked (not literally, it wasn't the sound of his springs coming out). He jumped. Then jumped some more. Sometimes with both feet, sometimes with one foot (which I suppose is technically hopping, but I digress). There was  no stopping him. Finally it was living up to it's Jolly Jumper name - although Jump-n-Drool would also be appropriate.

Because I'm an evil mother I whipped out the video camera to capture such a precious moment for future blackmailing purposes... then I got a funny idea. Enjoy!


  1. This is so cute , you might like to join in one of the blog hops , not quite a meme but check if you like ... Maxabella loves on saturday is one.
    It is very funny & creative.

  2. Thanks Trish, I'll pop over there now!

  3. oh that made me laugh...The Jolly Stand There and Drool - hilarious!

    Glad he got there in the end...and without his springs coming out no less..


    Gill xo

  4. Love it! Mr6 was a Jumper fan - but it took a few goes and the right soundtrack for him to get the idea! :-)

  5. Aw, cuteness. Max used to just hang in the Jolly as well. Like he'd just been hung up on the wall for a while... x

  6. @Gill - The springs could be a built in safety device? Drop him and he just bounces back!

    @Allison - Each time I put him in it he needs a bit of a reminder, my boy has a bit of a goldfish memory

    @Maxabella - The Jolly Hanger, nah I don't think it's marketable. But it does keep him contained while I cook!

  7. This is hilarious! I'm going to have to play River Dance whenever I put Pace in his jumper now.

  8. Oh WOW!!!!!! How cute is he and what a smart lil cookie!!
    I love what you did with the video!!
    Great idea. Well done!!

  9. Great clip! I bought one of those a few weeks ago for my bub. It's so funny watching them bobbing around.

  10. I love how excited they get when they figure out how it works :) Thanks for dropping by.


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