Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letter to Tricky - Five months old

Dear Tricky,

It has started. You are now officially mobile and you love it. Before you would roll over and be so entertained with whatever you found in front of you that you would stay there. But now? Now you have realised that by putting a few rolls together you can get to a bigger and better toy. The look on your face when you reach out and finally get your hands on it is priceless - you look so proud of yourself!

You are such a clever boy, you know how to turn the smiles on for your grandparents and make them swoon, which of course will translate to awesome Christmas presents. You've got them wrapped around your very little, little finger. In fact your Perth Nanna is so besotted with you that she sent you a letter the other day... but it was actually what was on the envelope that was great - your gorgeous little face smiling back at me from the stamp! You're famous!

You're legal tender, Tricks!
This month you started eating solids and you have taken to it like a natural, which isn't surprising since Mummy really likes her food too. You're so eager to have dinner every night that you get a little cranky at me if I'm too slow to bring the spoon over! You grab at the spoon to get it to it faster, except you're not really too good at aiming the end of it to your mouth just yet so you need to be hosed off after.

We've been back and forth to the hospital for the clever surgeons to check that your Go-Go-Gadget Springs are doing their thing and making your noggin grow in the right direction. Every time we go you smile and giggle at the doctors and nurses even though they are poking and prodding your head around - you don't seem to mind in the slightest and it makes it much easier on Mummy, thank you.

Now there is something I've been meaning to have a few words to you about. It's your sleeping pattern. Or rather, lack thereof. Mummy would really appreciate it if you let her get more than four hours of broken sleep a night, OK? You are such a cruisey little fella during the day so I can't really complain too much, but please, please, please stop waking up to play with your feet. I promise they'll still be there in the morning and you can play with them then.

Until next month my boy, keep discovering.

Love Mummy xxx


  1. Nawwwwwwwwwww I love reading these!

  2. Hi, was nice to meet you and your gorgeous little guy today!

  3. awwww... that is so sweet! It was nice meeting you and your son today too. we should do it again. I had fun! eheheh

  4. What a sweet little guy. Ace stamp, what a cool idea!

  5. What a cute little man. Love when they get all smiley and turn on the charm!

  6. Sounds like your little Tricky and my 9 month old Jonah would be great mates. Mine's a night-time party animal too. Angel by day, rascal by night........if you eventually find the sleep fairy can you ask her to spread a little of her fairy-dust our way too. Please.
    Awesome stamps by the way....


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