Monday, October 18, 2010

The Fourth Duck

I was given some great advice when Tricky was born: I was told to wear white shirts because baby spew doesn't show up as much on them. See, isn't that good advice? Now Tricky isn't really much of a spewer, he doesn't have reflux so on the rare occasion when it does come back up he's what's known as a "happy chucker" (I kid you not) because it doesn't bother him. Unlike when I'm sick and it goes "spew, oh woe is me, help me I'm dying, can somebody get me a drink?", with Tricky it is more along the lines of "spew, oh look I have feet and they are AWESOME!"

So this week Tricky has been on some medicine that is causing him to up-chuck quite a bit more than normal. You've heard of Huey, Dewey and Louie, right? Well I have the fourth little duck right here. Spewey. It's Tricky's new name and it suits him perfectly. The stuff is everywhere. Babies are seriously gross. But I'm thinking "AHA! I will just wear white!" and there won't be a problem. I might be covered head to toe in baby chunder but no one will be the wiser (as the faint scent of baby puke follows me around everywhere, a little bit more shouldn't be too noticeable). But life, well, she can be a bitch sometimes...
Huey, Dewey and Louie with Uncle Scrooge. Image here
See Spewey's medicine is yellow on the way in and takes on a lovely iridescent hue when it comes right back out again. So my fantastic plan of wearing white has backfired - instead of damp spots that fade to nothing I am COVERED in neon yellow patches everywhere. On my shoulders, down my back, under my arm (how the hell did it get there?). A few more and it will look like I'm wearing a faded hypercolour shirt (I wanted one of those SO badly).

It has sadly even got to the point where I do not change my shirt when it happens. There is just no point - he's just gonna do it again in a minute and I do enough washing as it is. So for the next week, if you see a woman walking down the street in a strange top, don't tease her for wearing '90's fashion, she might have Spewey at home.

A massive congratulations to Aunty Penny's friends Adam and Kate, who welcomed their little girl Nina to the world on Sunday, 17th October 2010. I wish for you few poo-explosions and many gummy smiles.
Love Glowless xxx

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  1. I know exactly what your talking about there!! All 3 of my children had reflux, middle one puking up untill 4 and a half! hmmm baby puke is a lot nicer when its just all milk ;) And no there is definately no point in changing you or baby unless your power chucked on and covered in it! I use baby wipes on me and bubba for small puke spots it kinda hides the scent!!


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