Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I met Liz Davenport and all I got was this signed copy of her book to giveaway

Georgia from Parental Parody called me the other day: "Yo, so what are you doing tomorrow night? Wanna come to Liz Davenport's book launch? She emailed me an invite. SHE emailed ME!"

I think she may have fainted at that point because the line went quiet.

There was just one problem with being Georgia's plus size plus one: WHAT THE FUCK DO I WEAR TO A DESIGNER'S BOOK LAUNCH DURING THE PERTH FASHION FESTIVAL!?!?"

A little hyperventilating was in order. And some wine.

I decided on the whole black is slimming thing knowing I'd be surrounded by models, then slapped myself upside the head because who the hell wears all black to the launch of a book called "Liz: A life of colour"? The woman is known for her colourful creations and I'm sure doing my Morticia Addams impersonation would have been met with pitiful stares from the fashion-elite in the room.

I ended up wearing a purple dress and my sister-in-law's rockin' blingy purple heels. And gigantic Bridget Jones iron underwear too, but that goes without saying.

I had no idea what to expect. I've never been to anything fashion related before as I'm more likely to be found going through the bargain rack at Tarrrrzjay. I imagined the canapes going uneaten, the champagne flowing and a whole stack of models that upon turning sideways would fall through a crack in the floor. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Except for the champers bit, thankfully.

Nevertheless, I didn't let Georgia leave my side. Doesn't she look so happy about that?

I still felt terribly out of place though... until Liz started talking and I realized she was an amazing, talented, funny and down to earth Perth chick with a passion for the environment and Indigenous culture.

The woman is awesome. She's won so many awards, including Australia's top designer, has had international success, has an Order of Australia, has run for parliament, raised three gorgeous kids and advocates for REAL sizes.
“The ‘average’ woman may spend her earlier years as a proportional size 10 or 12, but may well put on weight at the hips and waist but not at the shoulders as she matures. Too often the jacket fits, but not the skirt or pants

Despite what most designers appear to do, once you hit size 14 you simply cannot just add a few more centimetres here and there and expect the look to work. It won’t. There are an awful lot of women who have been short changed in the design department.”
A selection of her designs from the last three decades were on show, including the Australian flag cape worn by Miss Australia at the Miss World parade in 1979. I had to use every ounce of willpower not to tackle the model to the ground and steal it off her. And OMG the colour!

I made Georgia introduce me afterwards by refusing to stop poking her in the ribs until she submitted. It may have been my liquid bravery, but when she seemed pleased that we were blogging it I said:

"You know what would make it a better blog post, Liz?" (could I be any ruder?)

"A photo?"


So we cuddled together and took a couple of selfies and I went all fan-girl knowing I'd just snuggled an Australian icon.

And then her lovely marketing manager sent me a signed copy of her book to giveaway! 

If you'd like to win it, all you have to do is ENTER HERE through the Facebook app. You can enter daily if you're keen!

You can buy "Liz: A life of colour" here for $55.00

What do you think of Liz's re-proportioned and realistic sizing of designer fashion? Do you think more designers should follow suit?


  1. OMG how am I meant to follow up that piece of awesomeness with a post of my own? Woman you've sucked all the good lines and humour up. I may have to write one of my first ever serious posts! It won't stop me posting the pic of my glowing rear though....

  2. Kelley @ magnetoboldtooSeptember 26, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    I need her to come here and style me. I am sure there are other women in the world that look 8 months pregnant with triplets on a GOOD day.

    Blingy shoes are BLINGY!

  3. I am a big fan of the LBD (Little Black Dress), but now that I'm a bit older and the LBD has become the B(ig)BD, it just looks wrong. It's like I'm always going to a funeral, which is just sad all around. So thank goodness there are designers like Liz! We need colour that is done tastefully in our lives. Those shoes were rockin' by the way....

  4. I resisted posting your blue balls, knowing you would! You took notes, I was drunk... pretty sure yours will be better ;-)

  5. You would look awesome in her clothes. There is a bright blue jacket I have my eye on - I was thinking pink but it would clash with my red hair :P

  6. Liz looked great on the night and there were a few people there wearing her designs and they all looked amazing!

  7. Love, love, LOVE those shoes!!!

  8. Gorgeous shoes! Am jealous of both shoes and having somewhere to wear them.
    Liz speaks sense. I'd love more designers to make clothes that accommodated my bottom. Preferably designers that made stuff under 50 bucks, though if they consistently made me look good I'd spend more! Everyone should be able to find affordable clothes that fit well, whether you're unproportionally tall/short/wide/thin in any given body area.

  9. I have a terrible time finding clothes since my shape changed after Tricks. I no longer have a waist and end up looking like a teapot.

  10. Thanks, Rach! They were killing my feet by the end.


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