Monday, September 10, 2012

Holidaying with the parents... as an adult

While I'm gallivanting around the South West I've got some guest posts lined up. Let's all pray to the Google gods that I've scheduled this stuff correctly and it works.

First up is the lovely Tegan. I shudder at the thought of holidaying with my parents... even more so after reading this!
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I'm 24 and I have a 3 yo. I'm insane and a glutton for punishment because I still holiday with my parents. In a small unit. Usually sharing a room with my now 13yo brother. These holidays make me want to stab someone. Usually my mouthy 13yo brother.

The most memorable holiday as an adult with a child however was 3 years ago. We were going to the Gold Coast. Staying in a beach front highrise at Coolangatta. The parents paid for everything, including trip to Dreamworld. Sounds great right? It would have been if the universe didn't hate me.

First issue. I completely fucked my hip somehow. It hurt to sit, to stand, to lay down and to generally do anything that a good holiday entails. In hindsight I should have gotten myself a walking frame and be done with it. I already had the completely outlandish limp, grey hair and bad temper so why not throw in a walking frame just for shits and giggles.

Second issue. Some arsewipe decided that it would be totes awesome to hack and drain my account. The first day of the holiday. A Saturday. No banks were open. I had to ask for everything. Like a child. Cue 21yo limping, in a bad mood: "uh mum can I have a drink". Oh yes I felt like I was on a 'real' family holiday. I couldn't even get rip roaring drunk, taking advantage of the free baby sitters that are 'Nanny' and 'Poppy' because I didn't have any money. You know, because it's the 21st century and everyone uses plastic. Our hotel was right next to a night club and I couldn't go!

That was my first holiday as an adult with a child. An experience I never, ever want to go through again. I'm still a glutton for punishment though and usually go on holidays with my parents at least once a year. I still want to kill my brother, I've just got an ally now who is a 3yo with his mumma's feisty streak.
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  1. never holiday with family.

  2. Ahh, the Fams. Well, I think there's a reason teenagers consider hanging out with the parents "lame." I think, at least, they have this one right.


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