Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Calling all Bright Young Things!

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Every so often in the Blogosphere, you get approached to do something and before you've finished reading the pitch you are jumping up and down, going all jazz hands all over the shop. This is one of those times!

Tricky, has been asked by 720 ABC to review the 2014 Awesome International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things! But it gets better, because I have this extra ticket here for YOUR kid to be a Bright Young Reviewer live on air on Afternoon with Gillian O'Shaunessy, too! Kids and live radio? Yeah, we're totally gonna go there and just cross our fingers (arms, legs, eyes, whatever else is available) that none of them decide to swear. The Trickster is totally excited and his first question was "Do you think I'll get to hold the microphone?".

The Festival:
The Awesome Festival has been running since 2007 and, as the name suggests, is pretty damn awesome. It delivers a showcase of amazing and exciting contemporary art from around the world with both free and ticketed theatre, dance, music, sculpture, installation and new media.

This year's line up is brilliant and some of the events I'm really looking forward to are the Silent Disco Walking Tour (headphones, disco hits that no one else can hear and dancing - YES PLEASE!), the Imagination Playground (for ages 0-5 where they can build with massive blocks), heaps of different Robot activities and the Nursery so Bobbin can get in on the art fun, too.

Awesome aims to be super inclusive, so on top of specific programs for children with disabilities or disadvantages and their siblings, one of the things that is new this year is a navigational tool for parents with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. It will assist parents to make positive decisions for their child by outlining the themes in the shows, access to venues, potential triggers and such.

Do you have a Bright Young Thing aged 4-12? Think they'd like a sneak peek at the Awesome Festival and the opportunity to review it on 720 ABC?

We'll be reviewing Story Book (adventure art!!!), Galloping Tales (art using X-Box Kinect), Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones (shadow theatre) and Laser Beak Man (by internationally renowned artist Tim Sharp who has ASD and whose mother was told he'd never talk, go to school or be capable of love and should just be put in an institution and forgotten about!).

L-R: Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones; Story Book; Beak Man
All they need to do is review something to show me they have what it takes! They could review their dinner, a toy, a movie, a trip to the zoo, whatever they feel like and they can submit it as a drawing, painting, collage etc with a sentence or two (scribed by you if they're little) or even a short video via Instagram (FYI: I'm partial to interpretive dance). They can enter as many times as you like.

You can submit their entry before Wednesday, 24th September by:
  • Posting a picture of it on the Where's My Glow Facebook page
  • Emailing it to me glowless @ wheresmyglow.com subject: AWESOME ENTRY
  • Posting it to Instagram and tagging me @glowless (for videos too!)

I would love it so much if you would share this competition around because I truly believe it is a awesome opportunity for your Bright Young Thing.

By entering, you agree to the terms and conditions. You and your Bright Young Reviewer must be available on Saturday, 4th October between 9.45am and 2.00pm at the Perth Cultural Centre and Tuesday, 7th October for the 720 ABC live broadcast from the Perth Cultural Centre between 1pm and 3pm. This is a game of skill, winner will be chosen on merit. Winner must be between 4-12 years old and be accompanied by a parent, no correspondence will be entered in to. Entries may be reposted on Facebook or the blog. Prize is not transferable without prior written consent and cannot be taken as cash.

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