Saturday, April 26, 2014

Letter to Bobbin - eight months

Hey there smoosh face,

Happy eight months!

You managed to scare the bejeezus out of me last week when you choked on some food. You went red, tried to heave it up, had tears in your eyes and couldn't make a sound. I shoved your Dad out the way, unclipped your highchair buckle, held you on my forearm, tapped (OK, thumped) you on the back and out it popped. It was less than five seconds from beginning to end, but it felt like forever, particularly the whole unbuckling thing. I'm so glad I did the first aid refresher; it gave me the confidence to just do it. About an hour later, when my heart had stopped pounding and you were playing happily at my feet, I had a bit of a cry at how close we got to losing you.

You have TWO tiny little teeth after a whole six weeks of them being so close to the surface that if we took a pic of you with the flash they would shine through.

You are starting to get a little bit more in to food, but only slightly (put off by choking?). We were doing the whole baby led weaning thing with you because you're all "Ima hold that myself, yo", but you're not getting enough food in to you and though you haven't lost weight, you are not putting enough on.

So I've been making some yummy mush for you. No really, it's yummy, I tried it. You are not a fan. Most of the time you purse your lips tight as can be whenever I bring the spoon to you. "This is mush. I want what you have". We'll keep trying.

You've started crawling with one foot and one knee and we're wondering if you'll move to two feet crawling like your brother did. Last week you started cruising around furniture, so nothing is safe any more. Your brother's LEGO, previously out of reach on his table is now calling to you so we've put up a gate. Naturally, rocking on the gate is now your favourite pastime.

If you're wondering why I started this letter to "smoosh face", here's your answer:

This is your favourite face to pull and I love it to pieces, it's just so funny. You'll be great at selfies, just look at that duck face! I absolutely love how expressive you are, there is no guessing how you're feeling, you let us all know straight away.

Keep babbling away my little darlin', but if you could go back to being a good sleeper, that would be ace.

Love you to the moon and back, Mama xxx

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