Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do you believe in angels?

I've heard before that because kids are innocent and haven't been taught by a fear mongering media to be afraid of everything, that they can see spirits. I don't know if it's true or not, but I'd like to believe it is. I'm not even religious (sorry Mum) but the idea that the spirits of those who have passed on are still around, watching, guiding and protecting us makes me feel a little less scared about tomorrow's operation.

Since Tricky was born he has always looked at whomever is holding him, then looked over their shoulder as if someone is there. Once he started smiling and laughing it was more obvious - it looked like he was smiling at someone, laughing at something... something I couldn't see. Some of you may say that he is not reacting to anything other than his own bodily functions, but I like think that maybe he has a guardian angel. And if he does... I know her name.

Over twenty years ago, my Mum became friends with a woman called Helen. My favourite memories of her are when we went on holidays together to Melbourne and going to her house and playing with her gorgeous dog, a Miniature Schnauzer called Chester. A really long story short, she got cancer and earlier this year went in to respite care to make her final weeks more comfortable. Towards the end of my pregnancy whenever she and my Mum would ring each other, the first question she would ask was had I had the baby yet?

A week before Tricky made his grand entrance Helen lapsed in to a coma - whether it was her body shutting down or the massive amounts of morphine she was on to dull the pain, I don't know. She was near the end of her journey.

The day Tricky was born my Dad called through to Helen's room at the hospice in the hope that someone was there to answer the phone. Her sister in law was. He asked her to please tell Helen that I'd had the baby and we were both doing wonderfully. So she did... and for the first time in a week, Helen stirred. She moved her hand and her head. Was she trying to say she'd heard? That she was happy for us? Maybe she was saying "About time!" like the rest of us were. Whatever it was there was no doubting that she had reacted. I like to think she heard. That she understood. That it brought her some happiness in her final moments... because later that same day, Helen passed away.

So when Tricky looks over my shoulder, or laughs at what appears to be nothing, we always say "Has Aunty Helen come to visit?" and it makes me smile every time. So tomorrow when Tricky is taken in to the operating theatre I know he doesn't go alone... Helen will be with him.


  1. That gave me goosebumps.
    I;m sure your right and she is watching over him.

    So beautiful

  2. Oh wow that gave me goosebumps tears and shivers. That is a really beautiful story. I believe that bubbas can see our Angels or spirits. Many things have happened to me and my babies to make me believe so. I think Helen is definately there watching over Tricky. Infact Id count on it.

  3. I do, and I'm sure Tricky will have many angels watching over him tomorrow. Ben does the same, laughing and smiling at what appears to be nothing and I always tell him he must be talking to the angels :) all the best xxx

  4. Just beautiful! I sat here crying in the middle of the night, as we see it too! Alex randomly gets the giggles all the time, we say it's Oliver telling him a private joke!! I just love knowing he is still here. Aunty Helen will be by Tricky's side today and all will go super smoothly, she wouldn't have it any other way! Xo

  5. I do believe in angels, I 'saw' my Pop in my room a few days after his funeral. He was talking to me, it was very reassuring and calming. Hard to describe as I didn't see him, but I was 100% certain of his presence and message.

    Thanks for sharing this experience.

  6. I believe in ghosts and stuff. I'm pretty sure my house has one, but it's not a bad ghost, just a doddery one.

    I think kids see more than we do.

  7. Not totally sure what I believe, but I do think there is something. Karma, spirits, powerful thoughts. There is something out there.

  8. Beautiful post!
    I'm sure Helen is watching over Tricky.

    My grandfather died on the 6th dec and my nephew was born the 12th dec (4 years ago)
    He use to do the same thing. (always looking like he was watching / babbling to someone, when the room was empty) we like to think it was our grandfather. :)


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