Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Letter to Bobbin - six months

Hey there baby girl,

You are six months old. SIX! Wowzers.

You have been up to so much this last month: you're commando crawling all the place but still hit and miss (much more miss) on your knees, and you've figured out how to sit up and play with toys as opposed to going to grab a toy and falling over.

If I had to describe your personality in one word, it would be Feisty. Yes, with a capital F. You sure do know what you want and make it known when things aren't going your way. You are such a happy baby, always smiling... until someone takes a toy off you.

Lately, when I try to put you in the pram to go for a walk or the car seat, you scream like a banshee. You hate to be restrained in any way, probably because you wriggle constantly. For the first minute in a seat you squirm and arch your back so I can't buckle you in, and then, when you realize I'm not actually leaving you settle down and grab your toes/Sophie the giraffe/the wrong end of the dummy and all is right again. I know you like to be worn, but c'mon, girl, I need a break sometimes.

I'm fascinated by the sounds you are making lately. Lots of consonants that your brother did not make for a loooong time. You say Dada quite a bit, but never in context, so we aren't actually counting it as a first word yet.

You've been having a few tastes of food and haven't been very impressed with anything other than bread, rusks, apple chunks and carrot sticks. I mooshed you up some goodies and I swear you gave me the evil eye.

You are a social butterfly and have the ability to make everyone feel so loved. If anyone pays attention to you, you lunge towards them, making your intention to cuddle them unmistakeable. Be they friends, family or even strangers that decide to say hello to you. Sometimes you'll lunge to one, turn around and see me, lunge back, see them, lunge back, see me, lunge back and so on. It is hilarious.

We hit a momentous milestone on Saturday - our first time apart for more than a half an hour. Mama went off to present for the Australian Writers' Centre (which I rocked, by the way) and you hung out with your Dad and brother for a few hours before meeting me for lunch, then hanging with the boys again for another few hours. You refused to take the bottle which was not the most fun for your Dad, but he's awesome and just gave you lots of cuddles until you could have some milky cuddles with me. 

The other day you went to yet another blog event, this time the ProBlogger mini event. You were fabulous, and barely made any fuss. You did, however, do a giant poo when the room was quiet and almost everyone heard. I don't think Darren Rowse heard though, so he would have just seen the back half of the room trying to stifle laughs and hoping his fly wasn't down. Sorry, Darren.

You continue to light the room and make everyone who meets you smile, especially me. Here's to another awesome six months.

Love, Mama xxx

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