Sunday, January 26, 2014

Letter to Bobbin - five months

Dear Bobbin,

Happy Australia Day! Welcome to the most awesome time of the Australian calendar, where there are a hell of a lot public holidays! Yahoo! We've taken the opportunity to head down to Albany to finally introduce you to all your greats - aunts, uncles and grandparents. We couldn't get you here any sooner so it was the first chance for you to meet them all.

A huge milestone happened today - your height was marked on the lounge room door, making you an official Albany family member. It is a momentous day indeed. 

Your current favourite activities are blowing raspberries and throwing toys on the floor then crying because you can't reach them. I now pin everything to you and you look some strange human octopus hybrid whenever we go out.

You now have a bedroom! Huzzah! You're not in it yet, though; you're still in our room. You start the night off in your hammock then when you wake for a feed you come in with us and spend the rest of the night snuggled in the crook of my arm. You're a day time sleep dodger because the world is just too exciting right now. And by world I mean your brother.

My favourite thing right now is the way you reach your arms up and lunge towards anyone who put their arms out to you. You launch yourself of their laps and they give you back pretty quick - even your Dad and I, who are used to your incessant wiggling, still get taken aback at how adept you are at launching yourself off.

My least favourite thing is that you are a biter! You have bitten me more in single days than your brother did his entire time breastfeeding. Yeeeeouch! 

So please reign in the chomping of me and reserve it for food which you'll be starting soon!

Until next month m'dear, keep being the happy smiley baby you are.

Love Mama xxx

*more photos when we're home and I have my computer

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