Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten things that make me disproportionately happy

I'm trying to do the whole "ac-cent-you-ate the positive" thing right now and be all mindful and zen and shit. Becoming one with the cement dust or something like that, in order to not go all the way to fruit loop town (I'm on the bus, just hoping to get off before the final stop).

Today I did something that made me ridiculously chuffed, and led to so much mental high fiving and fist bumps despite it being completely stupid (point 6 below). It got me thinking of all the silly little things that make me happy. What better way to feel a bit less blah than to write down a list of awesome stuff?

So here it is, ten things that make me disproportionately and ridiculously happy:
  1. Getting a shady parking spot - if it's on a day where the temperature has gone above 38C then I have been known to do jazz hands all the way from the car to the shop and back again.
  2. When my favourite meal base is discounted - it's a 30c saving but I go ape shit and buy six.
  3. New stationery - for my fellow stationery aficionados, this needs no further explanation.
  4. Eating Brie - I only "discovered" soft cheeses about two years ago. Brie and I are now BFFs. Serve it to me with some crackers, olives (also a recent love) and quince paste and I will do practically anything for you.
  5. Clean sheet day - especially if you have a bath and exfoliate your whole body because then it is clean sheet day and squeaky clean skin day combined and the result is wanting to lay naked in bed and feel the delicious contradiction of soft yet crisp linen. Oooh I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
  6. Changing lanes without hitting the cats eyes reflectors - did you even know that was possible? I try to do it every time I change lanes if there is no one else around. When I succeed I feel a little bit like the Stig.
  7. An organized linen cupboard - I have just got a walk in linen cupboard and I have been known to just go and stand in there and inhale the scent of freshly washed sheets and gaze upon them folded nicely and stored in the pillow slips. And what's that? Clear tubs for Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, clothes for donating and space to hide presents? *faints from happy*
  8. When the car in front's indicator is blinking at the EXACT speed as mine - the OCD me freakin' loves this. I may even do a little shoulder shimmy in time to the clicking. Move to the beat, y'all.
  9. Hearing my favourite song on the radio - I may have it on Spotify and be able to listen to it at any time I want, but when it comes on the radio it's like a sign that the day won't be so shit.
  10. Receiving mail that isn't a bill - something I've ordered, a letter, a card, whatever it is, I feel excited to see who it is from and love that someone took the time to do it. I'll be taking the time to send more cards this year because I'm pretty sure everyone likes mail. 
Tell me what little things make you disproportionately happy.

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