Sunday, July 18, 2010

A reason to smile

I didn't realise just how boring babies were until I had Tricky. I don't know if it makes me a bad mother to say it, because I'm sure some other mothers are thinking it. Up until now he's been as interactive as a Tamagotchi, but now that he is awake more and more during the day it has all started happening.

This past week Tricky has started smiling nice big proper smiles... not just the accidental bowel related ones! Hooray! Never when there is a camera around though. The other thing he's mastered is poking his tongue out – we've been poking our tongues out at him for a few weeks because babies will mirror you and it helps them learn where things are on their body (or so all the books say). Hubby and I would sit with Tricky, talking like idiots and poking out our tongues and eventually he would do it back, much to our delight. But now he just does it by himself if you go near him... think we may have started a bad habit there. Oops. Never mind, it's cute.

He's also figured out that he can control his voice and is oohing and aahing all over the place - he's quite a little chatter box! I of course answer back to him when he does it and we have a little chat, normally with me saying things like “Oh really?” and “No! She didn't did she?” because all our conversations revolve around magazine worthy scandals.

As his new 'skills' emerge I've wondered just what it was that he did before this. The answer, of course, is nothing. They eat, they sleep, they cry, they poo and they wee. End of story. There is no interaction. No response to your pathetic sing-song voice. Just a teeny weeny baby that lays there and stares. If you're lucky they stare at you. They take it all in and give nothing back in those first few weeks.

In the coming weeks Tricky's smiles will become more and more frequent and I can't wait... they'll soon be followed by gorgeous little baby giggles! Let the fun and games begin!

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