Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hubby and I have had our first taste of that part of parenthood dreaded almost as much as the birds and bees talk... colic. As a result, the lack of sleep has been bumped up a notch so this is going to be a really short post!

Yesterday, my gorgeous, cooing, smiling little Tricky turned in to a monster! He became a total fuss pot and would not settle. Jiggle him up and down = cry. Pat his back = cry. Rub his tummy = cry. Cycle his legs = cry. Put him in his little vibrating seat = cry. Put him in the sling = cry ever so slightly less while he bobbed his head around looking for the good stuff. It lasted almost twelve hours and my back is now aching from holding 4.5kg of cute for so long! On the upside, since I wasn't going anywhere I watched half a season of House on DVD - even though I couldn't hear all of it over the crying it didn't really affect my viewing pleasure because who really knows what all those long hard to pronounce diseases are anyway?

The only time he would stop crying was when he was feeding – he's so polite not to talk with his mouth full. After his meal he'd fall asleep and I would feel myself physically relax a little bit. But alas, it only lasted for about half an hour or an hour at a time and he'd be awake again, screaming. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Grumpy, irritable and only satiated by food... I think I have colic, too!

Did colic get you down? What did you do to soothe your bub? Leave a comment below.


  1. Mum says a nice warm bath helps to let him go to sleep but looks like your already trying that. x rach

  2. Ah colic ... yes that nasty thing ... try see a natropath ..worked for jayde as in she didnt suffer 'as much' ..i dont think there is such a cure 'yet' ! i used to sit with jayde from 10pm - 1am with it (for 2months -everynite )-in the end i just accepted it and started to light a candle and put music on -mainly to keep me calm lol ...good luck this too shall pass xxx


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