Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letter to Tricky from Aunty Penny

Dear Tricky

I can’t wait until you decide it’s time to join our family! 

I’m Aunty Penny, and I’m your mum’s sister.  It’d be cool if you called me Aunty Penny a couple of times when you’re little (and, hint, it’s likely to lead to you getting a heap more gifts), but you can just call me Penny if you prefer (that’s what I did with my aunties and uncles).

There’s so many things I want to do with you, like reading and drawing and counting and teaching you all sorts of things.  And singing and dancing and telling you stories and feeding you too many lollies that your mum says you can’t have.  When I was little my nanna once gave me ice-cream for breakfast and I thought that was way cool.  Let’s do that sometime, huh?  

I have to admit, I don’t know much about boy stuff.  I’ve never played cars, and I don’t even know which of the trains is which in Thomas the Tank Engine, so you’ll have to teach me that. 

I hope you like dress-ups – that’s one of my favourite things.  If you’d arrived last week you might have got to wear lederhosen for a Eurovision party your Mum and Dad went too.  At Christmas time you’ll be 6 months old – perfect for your first Santa suit!

Your mum and I went to a Regina Spektor concert about 6 weeks ago.  Judging from your reaction that night your favourite song of hers is “Apres Moi”.  Excellent choice little dude, that’s a good one.  I thought you might have liked “Folding Chair”, because it contains the line “Let’s get ourselves a bullet trailer and have a baby boy!”, but apparently not.  Too literal for you?

Before we officially meet, this is probably a good time to establish some ground rules.  If you could try to avoid throwing up on me that’d be great, and anything that involves nappy changing is really going to test our friendship, so maybe try and avoid that too. 

So whenever you decide you’d like to come meet us all, that’d be cool.  I don’t wanna rush you or anything, but your Mum and Dad have got your room all ready for you, and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with you. 

Aunty Penny

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  1. Gotta love that aunty penny! Wish she was my aunty, do u think she'd play dress ups with me?


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