Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A pain in the ...

For the last couple of weeks my right hip has been really sore to the point where I limp when I walk. After a quick consult with a physiotherapist at the antenatal classes I decided to go and have it checked out properly since it didn't appear to be going away on its own accord. So today I toddled off to a physiotherapist that specialises in antenatal and postnatal issues, partly because the woman I spoke to at the antenatal class worked there and partly because these hips have a lot of work to do soon and I don't want anyone screwing them up any further!

My pain started in my sit bones... that's right people, its basically my bum. Typical. I would be the one to get bum pain. I'm reminded of Sharon Osborne who, after being diagnosed with colon cancer said “Why'd they have to find it in my bum, of all places? It's embarrassing. I mean, why couldn't I have a cute little heart shaped polyp on my vagina?” Not that I'm comparing hip pain to colon cancer, but you get my point – why there?!

The pain has been getting worse and has now moved around the front too, and instead of a dull ache its more of a sharp shooting pain that makes it look like I've just stepped on a piece of glass. On the upside, the limp disguises the waddle marvellously. It is also starting to aggravate my previously broken coccyx – broken, I might add, by Hubby's knee one night about two and a half years ago while he was having a particularly violent dream. To make it worse, he didn't even wake up when he did it!

The diagnosis?
Pelvic instability and more specifically a rotated Sacroiliac joint in turn causing Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (whomever named that really liked the letter Y, I think). Which basically means my hips are moving in directions they shouldn't be.

The cause?
Well I have always had really lax ligaments (meaning that if they gave them out, I'd get a gold star at every yoga class for most resembling a pretzel) and if you combine that with the Relaxin hormone getting me ready for birth you have a pretty good chance of sore hips.

The treatment?
About half an hour of excruciating “massage” of my hip followed by the application of strapping tape. Yes, dear readers, my ass is taped up. It looks highly amusing, like I've accidentally sat down on someone's discarded ankle strapping. I'm tempted to drop my dacks just to show people how silly it looks. “Excuse me? Hi, you don't know me, but check out my butt, isn't it hilarious?!”
I go back in a few days time to have the whole thing done again, but until then I have some exercises to do and the instruction to not put my legs at a right angle to my body. This is simple to fix, I just sit on cushion to elevate my hips above my knees – but cushion sitting does make look like I've got haemorrhoids. I guess its the price I'll have to pay.

The prognosis?
A few sessions and taping is apparently all I'll need to get my hip in working order... funnily enough the lax ligaments that have caused the pain in the first place mean it will be quicker and easier to fix! Hooray for me.

Did you or your partner have any pregnancy ailments? Did you have to have your bum strapped too?


  1. I too had a limp with Savannah which was apparently my siatic nerve. Dont know if thats the way you spell it! But it sounds kind of similar. The shooting pain up through your bum and into your hip with every step you take! But unfortunately (from what ive been told) there was nothing I could do about it as it would stop as soon as bub come along! Another reason to want it out now!! My thigh used to go numb and get pins and needles too.
    With Mason (hillarious now ofcourse) when heavily pregnant, about 4 weeks to go I think and very very large, I bent down to pick up a piece of fluff. It turned out the piece of fluff was a giant wolf spider. I screamed, fell back twisting my ankle on the way down. Needless to say a ten tonne heffer with a sore ankle is just no good!! But no butt Taping for me!!! Hope it starts to feel a bit better soon you poor thing! Nothing worse then extra pain and discomfort on top of a pregnqancy!!

  2. Yep Kristie it's similar to sciatic nerve pain, because every now and then Tricky will move a certain way and lean on that too! I had a friend who's bub leaned on her sciatic nerve from week 13 onwards, so it could be much, MUCH worse!

  3. all i can say is "awesome " no bum strapping for me but i did have an irritated uterus- i knew someone who had twins who needed to wear the suport belt -she said it never helped anyways - she was diagnosed with the same thing as u put there ! sometimes i think theses proffessionals really take advantage on something that may be considered "normal " discumfort for some ... and not long too go now so hold in there xxxx

  4. oh oh. yeah ive broken my tailbone before and i still have pain in my hips and lower back :( is there any preventative measures before i have babies? i know i probably need to see a chiro or something.

    Cant believe hubby broke yours in his sleep!! :0

  5. Oh my goodness. You really had your ass taped. I LOVE THIS.
    Glad it all turned out well in the...end.

  6. Oh yeah, it was nothing if not glamorous (and amusing for others)!


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