Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My bump, my bump, my bump, my lovely baby bump

I was warned this would happen... when I was first told I just laughed, thinking that surely it was a one-off scenario that a friend had encountered and of course it wouldn't happen to me. But today, it did. I went to get in the car and the car next to me was so close (though still in its correct bay) that I couldn't fit in. Oh the humanity!

I've reached a size now where my bump is not just evident, its the first thing people notice about me. It became apparent a about a week ago when walking through a shopping centre - people were no longer looking at my face when they passed me. All eyes on the tummy. They look slightly worried too, as if they think I'm going to pop any minute “thar she blows” style.

People are fascinated by it. They all want to touch it – its seems like it is public property now. I don't mind my friends touching my belly, even without asking – it makes me feel special that they are drawn to it. But strangers on the other hand, now that is a different story. Luckily I have had only one stranger grope me – but then she made it worse by encouraging her children to do the same. I wasn't too sure what to do, she was trying to be nice... so I just put my hands protectively over my bump so that there was no space left for anyone else, stepped back slightly and changed the topic. I'm not a touchy-feely person at the best of times, I don't generally hug hello and goodbye unless I'm really close to the person and have been so for years. But with the belly it feels different somehow. Maybe because deep inside I'm an exhibitionist and know this is the last time I'll ever be the centre of attention? Because as soon as Tricky arrives I'll be relegated to the back-burner and everyone will want to see him, not me – not that I blame them. I'd prefer to see a cute little infant over a hormonal woman any day.

Hubby now can't keep his hands off the little Trickster, and is always giving my belly a rub, seeing if he can feel him move. It is still quite unusual for anyone to be able to feel Tricky move as I have an anterior placenta (meaning its on the front wall, right where you'd put your hand) and its acting like a massive shock absorber, so all the kicks and punches that feel huge to me, can barely be felt by anyone else (this is also why I failed the Malteaser challenge). Part of me feels disappointed that I can't readily share the experience with others while the other part relishes the fact that this is all mine, my little secret bonding time. Because only Hubby can keep his hands there long enough to be able to discern what is my breathing and what is Tricky... no one else is that patient or that interested.

The other thing an anterior placenta brings is the inability to distinguish Tricky's body parts. When a baby moves insides it's mother''s belly you can sometimes see a foot, an elbow etc and can confirm it with your hands, having a feel around. But for me not being able to tell is a good thing. I've seen the videos (if you want to see click here) and it kinda freaks me out! I've always referred to pregnancy as being 'in the John Hurt way' but this stuff makes it look just like the movie! For the uninitiated, the John Hurt scene from Alien is on YouTube, too – don't watch it if you don't like blood, aliens or late '70s hairstyles.

Did people rub your belly like you were a lucky Buddha statue? Did you mind?

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