Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Once you POP you can't STOP!

No I'm not talking about craving Pringles. After waiting for what seems like ages I can finally feel Tricky moving - and it feels like a popping sensation in my belly! It had been described to me in so many different ways, from feeling like someone blowing a raspberry to digestion squelches just further forward. So last week when I was feeling what I can only describe as popping, I wasn't sure what it was. But then it just wouldn't stop!

In all of my scans so far Tricky has been a very active baby, doing somersaults and kicks the whole time – which was bizarre as I couldn't feel a thing even though I could see it on the screen. But even now that I can feel it, it still seems so alien (funny that, since he looks very alien too) that a 'thing' could be moving inside my belly and it not be some strange tropical worm that would make it in to the medical journals. I wonder if its wrong that I'm still referring to myself as being in “The John Hurt Way”? Maybe something to bring up at his 21st.

I've been researching foetal movement (like any mum-to-be I'm subscribed to some pregnancy websites and have been pouring over them every week) to see what milestones Tricky should be reaching and I'm amazed at just how much my little tenant is already doing, like sucking his thumb - he's clearly very advanced. But I'm slightly freaked out that the feeling of first movement is called “Quickening” which is also the name of the terrible Highlander II movie. Although watching it while eating Pringles could be ok, it does have Sean Connery in it afterall.

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