Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to make sure your partner gets wood this Valentine's Day

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Oh, behave, you lot! Get your mind out of the gutter, because I'm not talking about that wood, I'm talking about getting them one of the coolest watches I've seen in a long time, JORD wooden watches.

I have never seen anything like them before, they're a bit hipster, a bit cool, a bit funky and certainly a talking point. I mean, a watch made out of wood?

I chose a 'Sully' in Black and Maple for MapGuy as an early Valentine's present and he loves it. There have been many puns and bad jokes about getting wood ever since, hence the totally classy title of this post.

I bought him a watch for his birthday years ago and after it being sequestered away from the night stand by little fingers and dropped on multiple occasions, it was looking worse for wear. Half the numbers had come off and would rattle around when he moved. 

But not any more.

Would you look at that spunk! Thick rimmed glasses, ginger beard and a wood watch, posing like a pro hand model. Oh and soft focus flowers. My hipster dude. 

It's a generous sized watch but weighs next to nothing because, duh, wood. It's "splash proof" but to keep it looking good it shouldn't be submerged in water. You can use oils and waxes to keep it looking tip top if you want, though I'm pretty sure we'll do it once and forget. 

I'm excited to be able to give away one of these amazing watches to one lucky winner anywhere in the world.

L- R: Ely in Black, Delmar in Green, Sully in Cherry and Maple, 94A in Cherry, Fieldcrest in Maple
The winner can choose from five styles; Ely $129, Delmar $149, Sully $139, 94A $159 and Fieldcrest $120, in range of different colours and wood finishes. To check out the entire range head to 

To enter, leave a comment below telling me which glorious watch you'd choose (example: Fieldcrest in Zebrawood and Maple) for yourself or for a loved one and why. Enter as many times as you like across the blog, Facebook and Instagram. The best answer across all platforms will be the winner. For full terms and conditions check the disclosure policy here

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