Monday, February 16, 2015

Gro-egg Review and Giveaway

It's been bloody hot in WA, lately. I'm talking record breaking hot. The temperature soared to a brain frying 44.4 degrees a couple of weeks ago. That's Celsius for my USA readers... because y'all are the only ones who would be thinking that was chilly.

The temperature has dipped slightly now, but it is still sweltering and the nights don't bring much relief at all.

I worry about the kids overheating on these hot nights so we leave windows open if there is a breeze, keep fans on and strip them down to thin PJs.

Which then makes me wonder if they will be too cold.

So I'll sneeeeak in and put a thin blanket on each of them before I go to bed.

Then I'll get in bed, put my blanket on, immediately overheat and walk down to the kids rooms to remove their blankets only to find they've kicked them off already, as both my children are averse to bed linen.

When The Gro Company contacted me I was really interested in putting their Gro-eggs in the kids rooms to see how they'd go. They are designed to give "peace of mind at a glance" by glowing blue when it's cold, yellow when it's perfect and red when it's too hot. Hot = Red glow. I can remember that because hot = red Glow, too.

They also tell you the temperature, but I can't actually read in the middle of the night when I'm bleary eyed and forgot to put my glasses on. But hey, it promised "at a glance" and even blind as a bat me can see the colour in the dark.

What colour did they glow here?


Bobbin's room after 10pm
All the damn time.

It even had a little frowny face.

So a Perth summer is perhaps not the best testing environment, but at least now I know I wasn't going overboard and turning their rooms in to ice boxes just because I feel the heat a lot.

Tricky's room after 10:15pm - I covered him for the pic because MODESTY
They are a great little night light, whether you're temperature checking or not, though. Combine a hot room with a GroClock and your kid will think they're in a police car. Bonus!

I have FOUR of these eggcellent (see what I did there?) Gro-eggs to give away, valued at $49.95 each. You can enter as many times as you like by answering this question in the area provided below: What should you never go to bed without?

This is a game of skill; the most creative/funny/weird/memorable/silly/eyerolly answer wins. Entries close 2nd March. For full terms and conditions see here.

Related: don't try to sneak around in your childrens' rooms taking photos, you'll wake them up. Ask me how I know.

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