Thursday, June 26, 2014

Letter to Bobbin - ten months

Dear Bobbin,

Happy ten months, cutie patootie!

Your two front teeth are fully through and are most definitely MapGuy teeth. Adorable, gigantic bunny teeth that, much like your brother's, will take quite a few months for you to grow in to. When you smile, we can now see these massive chompers and I can't help but smile back at you.

Perhaps it's because of these new gnashers that you've finally figured out that food is awesome. You love peas (freak), and now join in at every meal time actually chewing and swallowing food instead of chewing it and spitting it out. Your trick of letting us know when you're full, by flicking all the food off your mat and on to the floor, persists. I vacuum after every meal. Every. Single. One.

You are a total drama queen. If someone walks away, or takes something off you, you don't just cry... instead, you flop down, put your head on the floor and wail. When everyone says your brother is an old soul, we all agree that you're brand spankin' new. Everything is so full on with you, and it's amazing to watch you discover it all.

Right now your favourite toys are Duplo, Tricky's cars, cords (OMG the cords!), maracas, keys and anything small that you shouldn't have. You love to kiss dolls and could jump in the Jolly Jumper for hours if there wasn't the whole feeding and sleeping thing to take care of.

You were really sick recently, coming down with horrible Bronchiolitis. You were so poorly and coughed constantly for almost five weeks. You were absolutely miserable for the worst of it, and super grizzly for the rest, you poor thing. It made getting Tricky's LEGO birthday party ready a chore, but luckily we had lots of family around to help, which meant cuddles from more people. You are over it now and back to your super smiley, happy self.

The next few weeks are school holidays and you'll get to spend extra time with your favourite person. I love watching you and Tricky play together. Most of it consists of you knocking down things he has built, but sometimes he'll be there helping you build and giving you toys, talking to you in the squeakiest baby voice ever. It's so sweet I'm now borderline diabetic.

Have a fabulous month my gorgeous girl,

Love Mama x

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