Monday, May 12, 2014

First Aid Saved My Baby

Look pensive, they said. It'll add weight to a serious issue, they said.

Instead, I look somewhere between annoyed and smug. Even potentially stoned. Bobbin looks like a deer in headlights so we make a great pair.

From The Sunday Times, 11th May 2014, page 30

BUT the point of the article, featured in the The Sunday Times on Mother's Day (and online today) is still important.

Miss Bobbin choked a few weeks back and I put the skills I learned at the St John Ambulance first aid course I attended back in December, in to action and saved her. You know, the one where she shat all over my leg a few minutes in? That was being filmed for TV so we can all remember FOREVER that I was on TV with poo stains on my leg? Yeah, that one.

Poopants or no, the point is still the same. First aid saves lives. I'm pretty chuffed with myself for being able to do it and I've already ordered my superhero cape. I made sure I mentioned that I pushed MapGuy out the way, because I have to find something about the situation to laugh at. Shoved him to the side and swooped in there in full blown Mama Bear mode.

The Target 20,000 campaign is going strong, I encourage you all to sign up and learn how to save a life or refresh your memory if it's been a while.


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