Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to make Minion canvas shoes

A friend of Tricky's was having a Minion party (from the Despicable Me movie, if you're not familiar) for his birthday last weekend. Or "ming ming party" as he referred to it. His mum and I are close friends and with Tricky's birthday fast approaching we agreed to put a $5 limit on presents for each other.

I originally bought him a minifigure because he is just starting to get in to LEGO, but when I popped to the shops the night before the party I saw plain canvas shoes in his size... for $2... and was struck by what can only be described as creative inspiration. It felt not unlike a pinched nerve and initially I was going to call a doctor, but instead, I just went with it and thought I'd see how it panned out.

Now, the insoles are floral, but I'm confident that Tricky and his friend can both embrace their feminine side enough to get over it because MINION SHOES. For the record, neither of them even paid attention because MINION SHOES.

On a scale of one to OMG THESE ARE AMAZING (for an amateur who can't draw), these are totally right at the top according to the birthday boy and Tricky. They got a pair each and were the talk of the ming ming party.

They were super easy to make:

1. Lightly pencil in your design while staring at the movie poster on Google.
2. Grab some textas (I used a combination of Faber Castell, Micador and Sharpies) and work your way up, starting with yellow and then orange for shading. If you're feeling fancy, use acrylic paints.
3. Colour in the eyes (or eye), the goggles and the mouth.
4. With a thin, black marker, draw your outlines and don't forget to add some hair.
5. Coat with a waterproofing spray (check out a haberdashery type store) and let dry. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. If you do, they will have to be dry weather shoes only.
6. Accept copious amounts of praise and feign modesty while you think of more and more things to draw on shoes

Gonna try your hand at some Minion shoes? I'm trying LEGO next.

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