Friday, June 21, 2013

The highlight of my week was a second hand fridge. What has my life become?

Out with the old, in with the new

It appears I have crossed some invisible line in the sand of adulthood and/or maturity (don't bet on the latter, though) and in the last few weeks have found myself deliriously excited about choosing a new fridge and getting it delivered.

Making it even more exciting (or sadder, depending on how you look at it), is that it wasn't even brand new and the amount of money we saved has me singing every time I see the stainless steel monstrosity I have affectionately named Fred. We picked our new fridge out of a catalogue then looked online to see if we could find it second hand and a few days later up pops a Facebook status from a friend saying they're selling last years model because it doesn't fit in their new house. SOLD! 

I'm not entirely sure when a fridge/freezer morphed from being somewhere to keep wine chilled in to a place to store bulk batches of food in an attempt to create healthy homemade convenience meals and snacks, but I would guess it was somewhere around the time my uterus started contracting the first time.

Before then a freezer section was only for bread, meat, possibly chips and a frozen pizza or two. The fridge was for leftovers, milk and condiments. Cupboards? Cupboards are for shit loads of snacks, obviously. An entire shelf dedicated to chocolate? Yes please. This appalled Map Guy. He is super healthy. Like, playing sport, going for a run, eat all the fruits and vegetables, healthy.

These days, with a little person's mind and body to guide, I'm much more health (and budget) focused and cook as much from scratch as I can to the point where our fridge/freezer and cupboards were overflowing with ingredients and there was no place to actually put anything I made. This isn't to say we don't eat crap. We do. Just not too much. So Fred was much needed and I may or may not sneak out to caress him in the middle of the night.

So our completely fine but on-the-small-side fridge/freezer has been replaced with the biggest one we can fit in to the space (it fits by only a few millimetres) and I am joyous. After an initial hiccup of Fred not being able to fit between the bench and the wall and needing to be wheeled around the entire house to use the other door, he's in and being loaded up with goodies. I cannot wait to start cooking.

Do whitegoods excite you? Fred is stainless steel, can I still call him whitegoods?

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