Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A hairy situation

Hormones akimbo is a good way to describe pregnancy. Hormones do all sorts of cool things - like make ligaments stretchy enough to accommodate a growing baby, and quite a few not so nice things too – like turning your once quite normal face in to an acne filled grease ball and robbing you of your well deserved Glow.

I've had my fair share of hormonal dramas these past months (being teary one minute and a major cranky pants the next) but there is one effect that I have only just realised... the hair on my legs has stopped growing!

The hair on your head falls out less whilst your up the duff (which means my already thick hair is now bordering on a 'fro) so I assumed the rest of my body would follow suit and pretty soon I would look like I just walked out of the jungles of the Amazon, but apparently not.

To save money I switched from waxing to shaving when I realised there would soon be one less income and one more mouth to feed in our household. Through pure laziness though I didn't pay attention to the state of my legs – at the beginning I was feeling too nauseous to care then as time went by my tummy got in the way so 'out of sight, out of mind' came in to the equation. I probably wouldn't have noticed the lack of hair at all if it wasn't for one very strange phenomenon that Hubby pointed out to me as he sat there chatting to me while I soaked in a nice warm bath... MY KNEES WERE HAIRY!

No where else on my legs does the hair grow at the moment, so here I am with two very hairy knees in comparison to the rest of me. I have no idea how this is even possible - why my knees? They're not usually an area of the body affected by hormonal hair - it is much more likely for a preggo to develop a hairy chin or lip. It seriously looked like a pair of spiders had decided to make a home half way up my legs. With two quick flicks of a razor the spiders were sent on their merry way and a hairy knee crisis was averted. I'm just lucky that it wasn't a hairy ankle fiasco because I can barely reach those suckers now!

Interestingly when the baby is born all the accumulated hair on your head starts falling out and a lot of new mothers think they are going bald – but its just playing catch up really. I just hope my leg hair doesn't decide to go the same way and come back with a vengeance! Does anyone have a whipper snipper I can borrow just in case?

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