Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Make a personalized Christmas card, they said...

It'll be fun, they said.

It'll be cute, they said.

You can even do it yourself, they said.

Yeah, right.

See, "they" forgot to mention a few things:

  • one year olds don't take direction very well
  • four year olds get bored when the one year old is mucking around
  • baubles can and will be used as projectiles
  • someone will cry (it might be you)
  • props will be knocked over and broken
  • you will bribe them to stay still
  • at least one of them will have closed eyes in about a quarter of the photos you take
  • their young ears may be subject to a few muttered swear words
  • they'll do something cute but because you're just using your phone, it will be blurry
  • when one is looking adorable the other will be mid-sneeze or have a finger up their nose
  • out of 4,382 photos, only three will look somewhat acceptable
  • you will need a stiff drink after

Cameo from our Colzart Duxzart Christmas Duck.
Merry Christmas, gorgeous people of the Internet. Those are my three somewhat acceptable photos. You're welcome.

Note to self: start saving for a photographer for next year's card.

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