Friday, October 31, 2014

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Makeup

I'm loving that Australia is getting in to the Halloween spirit. Because DRESS UPS! LOLLIES! COMMUNITY SPIRIT! Seriously, what is not to love? And blah, blah, blah, American, whatever. You know what? Didn't actually start in the USA, (and even if it did, so much you love is from there so why is this different?) so get over it already, embrace the DRESS UPS and go talk to your neighbours!

I love dressing up. Costume parties are my favourite thing ever. I'm sure there is some deeper subconscious thing going on where I get to pretend to be someone else because I'm painfully insecure, but let's forget that bit and focus on the FUN.

This year, Tricks is going as a skeleton, Bobbin is going to be a Halloween sprite (which is code for not going as an actual thing, just wearing some cool Halloween gear) and I'm going as Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead. Because sometimes I miss being a makeup artist and like to show off.

BOOYAH! Love it. And special thanks go to Bobbin for having a long nap this afternoon!!

Do you do Halloween?

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